Beauty Bloggers High Coffee: Sydney Meetup

Yesterday myself and the beautiful ladies of Sydney gathered for the Beauty Bloggers High Coffee at the Intercontinental Sydney, an occasion to have a classy hang out to discuss beauty of course!

Despite blogging for nearly 2 years, I am still relatively new to the blogging community so it was a fantastic way to see some familiar faces – from previous events and of course, the online world (follow me on Twitter and Instagram).

A massive thank you to Michaela who organised this classy shindig… Even landing us the Rotunda, a private room at Cafe Opera.

Beauty Bloggers High Coffee at Intercontinental Sydney 2013 -  Attendees
The attendees were:

the ladida (ME!)

So onto the food….

When I think of High Tea, and in this case High Coffee – I think of a light feed.

This was not the case.

I wish I skipped lunch – I am one of those people who finish everything on my plate and unfortunately on this occasion I failed miserably. I even had to loosen up a button (woohoo!) and skip dinner.

Beauty Bloggers High Coffee at Intercontinental Sydney 2013 - Menu and Tier (1)
I probably have a coffee once every few months. So I pretty much had my yearly intake in one hit! It involved 3 coffees in less than 3 hours – Expresso Martini, Iced Coffee, and Cafè Corretto – to complement the menu of course. So like a trooper, I did try each one… and it resulted in a buzz and ‘interesting’ night of sleep. My advice? Drink coffee wisely.

I must say, the BEST thing about having a meal with Beauty Bloggers – is that it is the norm to take a substantial amount of photos before eating anything (I am sure it must have been amusing for the staff to watch us at ‘work’). Instead of the usual ‘really?’ look from my non-blogger friends.

Here is the massive menu we had (taken straight from here) – the serving was one of each item PER PERSON and this is the standard! My favourite items have been underlined.

Afternoon Sandwiches (FYI I really LOVE savoury)
  • Wagyu beef, cucumber relish and watercress panini
  • Roasted chicken avocado withsemi-dried organic tomato, linseed roll
  • Smoked salmon on rye withmascarpone and preserved lemon
Beauty Bloggers High Coffee at Intercontinental Sydney 2013 -  (6)

Warm Afternoon Savouries/Sweet

  • Selection of homemade beef and burgundy pie
  • Prosciutto and green asparagus quiche
  • Feta and olive mini muffin
  • Chocolate and espresso crêpes and Belgian waffles with condiments
Beauty Bloggers High Coffee at Intercontinental Sydney 2013 -  Warm Afternoon Savouries


  • Fruit and plain scones with double cream and our homemade strawberry jam
Beauty Bloggers High Coffee at Intercontinental Sydney 2013 - Scones

Palate Cleanser

  • Green apple sorbet


  • Opera slice with Espresso di Manfredi and chocolate ganache
  • Infused cinnamon and ginger chocolate Crème Brûlée (a favourite for most of us!)
  • Salted caramel and espresso bavarois cream éclairs
  • Wattleseed macaroons with P125 Valrhona-coffee curd
  • Meringue with Bailey’s cream with candy macadamia

Beauty Bloggers High Coffee at Intercontinental Sydney 2013 - Sweets - Crème Brûlée, Macaroon, Eclair, Opera Slice, Meringe

The service was amazing – and Cafe Opera really knew their audience providing us with a French waiter and French Chefs taking the time to introduce the menu selections and give insight on High Coffee.

For more information on High Coffee at the Intercontinental Sydney, please visit here.

Beauty Bloggers High Coffee at Intercontinental Sydney 2013 -  Aftermath

This meal was paid for at a discounted price courtesy of Intercontinental Sydney.


Anonymous said...

Great wrap up xx

Tea said...

Thanks :)

lucypilz said...

Oh such a shame I missed it: I had something else on. The food looks delicious!

Luc X

Unknown said...

I am now passed the point of being full so 24 odd hours later...your photos are making me hungry! :)

Tea said...

I realised there was one item I did not try (so unlike me!) - the fruit scone! Might need to go back :)

Tea said...

Shame you weren't there - we ate more than enough to cover your share of food :)

TT said...

Haha, that feed was SO epic! I would have paid full retail for just the espresso martini/savouries course!
Wait - no, the creme brulee, can't forget that. And the offer from you everyone on my end of the table to leave the room and give me a moment alone with it!

Tea said...

It was epic - When I go to High Tea I usually want more food!

The creme brulee seemed to be the winner for the Beauty Bloggers by a show of 'OMGs'!

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