Benefit’s 'Fake Up' Launch

Last week (Feb 21, 2013) I went to a mysterious launch at the Benefit Boutique in Paddington (94 Oxford St)…

Obviously the mystery has now been solved (as per the title), turns out Fake Up is the biggest launch of 2013 for Benefit in Australia!

So what is Fake Up?

It is a hydrating concealer which consists of 2 layers: a hydrating ring and the concealing core.

The marketing spiel (ie. their words not mine):
                  • Hides dark circles
                  • Diffuses fine lines
                  • Silky smooth coverage
                  • Keeps skin hydrated for 6 hours
                  • Immediate moisturisation thanks to the hydrating ring

Benefit Fake Up Launch POS
Fake Up comes in 3 shades: Light, Medium and Deep – very happy to say as an in-betweener I am catered for!

Benefit Fake Up Shades Light Medium Dark

The Night Itself…

Benefit is a fun feminine brand that does not take itself too seriously – yes, I’m judging a book by it’s beautiful cover.

So unsurprisingly, the event was just like that with the cosy Benefit Boutique being transformed into a party filled with balloons, music, and martinis. Even those behind the Benefit brand really got into character to help us solve the mystery – the case of the missing Fake Up!

Benefit Fake Up Launch - Store, Professor Pink, Dr Feelgood, Detective
As you can see, this little boutique was packed with eager Beauty Bloggers!

Benefit Bloggers Fake Up Launch 2013 Australia
I love food – so I was pretty damn happy to be treated to a Sour Apple Martini, Sour Apple Sorbet (OMG!), and mini cupcakes!

Benefit Fake Up Launch Paddington - Food - Sour Apple Martini, Cupcakes, Apple Sorbet
While the night was all about the Fake Up – there was also the announcement that Benefit will be launching in New Zealand this year!

Fake Up retails for $35 and will be launched April 20 2013 in Australia.

And on a kind of related note – the Benefit Boutique is clearly pet friendly! Yeah, I just wanted an excuse to feature this picture.

Benefit Boutique Pet Friendly

Images not tagged with the ladida are courtesy of Benefit


Anonymous said...

Great post x

Tea said...

Thanks Danimezza!

Xyling said...

Great write-up babe!! x

Tea said...

Thanks Ling :)

lucypilz said...

I so wish I was at the event. Sadly had prior commitments: looked like everyone had a ball.

Got to love Fakeup ha!!

Luc X

Anonymous said...

First place I have heard the news that Benefit will be launching in NZ this year..YAY! Thank you!

Tea said...

It was a lot of fun, and yes your absence was missed!

Tea said...

Very happy for you and NZ! You are most welcome :)

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