Interview with Nara's Pimnarra Sangngern

I love viewing pieces by graduate and emerging designers. Why? It’s always fun to fall in love with something naturally and objectively, without any external opinions and influence from magazines/blogs/hype/brand and simply look at the fashion as it is.

I have been stalking getting in touch with some of my favourite graduate designers from 2012 to learn more about their label and of course introduce you!

Let me introduce you to Pimnarra Sangngern the designer behind the label, Nara

 One of my favourite looks to strut down the runway at the Raffles Graduate Fashion Show was this piece...

Nara Junction Raffles Graduate Fashion Show theladida
This is NARA.

all together is fabulous

FACT: I love that she used  maths symbols!

Since the Graduate Fashion Show, Pimnarra has been working on designing a collection to make her debut at MBFWA in April! Despite how busy she is she managed to take time out from her hectic workload to be interviewed.

What was the inspiration behind your graduate collection?

For this Spring/Summer 2013 Collection I was inspired by the idea of a New Utopia, an ideal world which does not exist in the real world, like a dream.

My inspiration takes the form of “nadernist”, a mixture of nature and modern style. Furthermore, I have combined this idea with the gypsy spirit and the 1970s era. The gypsy style inspires a mood of dreamy, carefree, and relaxed state of mind. These elements will be presented in the form of a silhouette, and detail of the garment, which will create moods and tones in the collection. Furthermore, the clothing in this collection is also wearable in every day life as well.

For fabric in this collection, to give the feminine and ‘looseness’ looks I have chosen to use sheer fabric. With this “ready to wear deluxe- collection” I decided to use the luxury material such as silk and sheep skin. Furthermore, to give feminine feeling, silk chiffon is the first option that contributes to the deluxe and feminine. The good quality silk gives the feeling of luxury of natural material which I have used as the main fabric of the collection. Also marble digital printed material represents natural looks and highlights the magnificence of collection.

As for the colors, to complete the feeling of the collection, the main tone of colours I chose is the nude. Nude tone gives a feeling of the feminine, relaxing also completes the idea of a dream world. Lastly, besides emphasizing the dreamy gypsy spirit in the form of silhouettes and details of the collection, it also emphasizes the presentation on, and of the clothing as well.

Pimnarra Sangngern - Nara Junction Raffles Graduate Fashion Show
Which was your favourite piece from the collection?

My favorite piece is culottes with halter neck top with feature.

NOTE: If this looks familiar, this image was also used in the invitation for the Raffles Graduate Fashion Show 2012.

Pimnarra Sangngern - Nara - Raffles Graduate Fashion Show Invitation 2012

Pimnarra Sangngern - Nara (2)Who would you love to see wearing your designs and why?

Amanda Seyfried
She’s got the look!! I just think about her the first!

Who is your favourite designer that inspires you?

Coco Chanel
She is inspiring, always comes with new great ideas.

How are you dealing with the stress for MBFWA?

Just let it go. Stress to the end! Keep working until you knock it out!!

Any advice for fashion design students going through their final year of study?

Design from you heart and believe that, it is the best.

Our not-so-secret guilty pleasure is geekery. What is your guilty pleasure?

I love Geek Salad!!!! Seriously!!! It’s make me awake and a good choice for a diet.

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To place the order please contact nara.pimnarra(AT)

  Nara Junction Raffles Graduate Fashion Show theladida
Photos not tagged with the ladida are courtesy of Nara

Pimnarra Sangngern - Nara


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