Playing Dress Ups: Smiffy’s Sailor Cutie Girl

I must admit I am NOT a dress up person, which might be surprising considering my obvious love of Cosplay (and conventions) – As well as not being a fan of being in front of the camera.

So when Smiffy’s Australia approached me to check out the website and offered to treat me to a costume of my choice. The offer was obviously luring enough for me to consider to dabble in a bit of dress ups and to yet again be in front of the camera.

Naturally, I did a bit of homework before I agreed, pretty much going through the entire website looking for options which actually took awhile because there were too many options!

Here’s what I picked…

Smiffys Australia Sailor Cutie Costume - Thigh High Stockings with Anchors (3)

To be honest, all I cared about was the dress itself. Which I absolutely loved!

Unfortunately, the bag pictured did not come with the costume AND it was sold out so it was unavailable to purchase!

The beret I could live without (and I did) and anticipating that horizontal socks in general would not look flattering on me thanks to being vertically challenged. I also ordered…

It says ‘thigh high’ but in reality was full length thanks to my height – still really happy with it. I think it looks better on me full length!

I LOVED the shoes BUT

The shoes were way too big for me size wise (devastating!), I'm a size 5 AUS but received size 5 UK, about 2 sizes too big. So it worked for photos but impractical to actually wear - at least they look cute in the photos right?

Here what it looked like on me…

minus the beret… me & headwear generally do not get along!

*NOTE: For some reason my SLR had difficulty capturing the ‘true’ blue colour – the images from Smiffy’s are more accurate.

Smiffys Australia Sailor Cutie Costume - Thigh High - Fever Sailor Shoes

And here’s why I picked it…

1. It had the ‘right stuff’

The dress was NOT made from that horrible shiny satiny fabric that I absolutely hate that looks cheap and nasty to wear and to photograph. Many costume shops seem to stock those types of costumes (why???).

So for me it was just being diligent when searching for costumes – just by looking at the images, you can tell what is likely to be ‘shiny’. My costume did have a little bit of this ‘shinyness’ thanks to the white detailing BUT it actually does not bother me in small doses.

2. Not overtly sexy

Nothing too short, or nothing too low. I am woman – I don’t need to prove it!

3. It suited my body type

I found so many costumes that I loved. But of course you have to think ‘does it suit you’? Of course everything will look good on the model, that’s the reason why she was hired!

4. Availability of size

Fortunately, this costume is available in S, M, and L so it should suit many women. As you can see it was a perfect fit and true to size! I ordered the Small which as stated on Smiffy’s is size 6 to 8.

5. Finding something that I could easily wear to a convention

After falling for ‘the one’ I soon overlooked the fact it was not exactly but I had in mind especially for a convention. But sometimes in life, the right costume just comes along and it chooses you, makes you feel like you are the only wearer in the world and you soon have a disinterest and forsake all other costumes.

It is not an ‘obvious’ costume for the convention circuit – good enough to get away with but hard to explain where it ‘fits in’. It looks like a mix between Sailor Moon and this artwork of Sakura (by Clamp Dreamer) from Cardcaptor Sakura (thanks Luke!). I am sure there must be some obscure Anime character or even pass of as some part of Japanese subculture that the costume could be adapted for – if so, tell me!

Anyway if I can’t ‘make it work’ for a convention – there’s always a 21st, 25th, 30th, Halloween and a Saturday night just around the corner!

Verdict = Happy

The Sailor Cutie costume looked really cute (as per the name) and the dress itself definitely ticked all the boxes of my criteria.

Aren’t I just the cutest?

Smiffys Australia Sailor Cutie Costume - Thigh High Stockings with Anchors - Fever Sailor Shoes (2)

The boring stuff: 
Smiffy’s Australia provided me the costume and accessories of my choosing for the purposes of a review. My reviews are honest and tend to be overly detailed (I like detail). If you actually read down to this last line – I applaud you!


Luke said...

Nice cosplay you did here Theresa

Unknown said...

I love it! Too cute! I think a lot of people make their own costumes when it comes to cosplaying! I've seen some really epic ones during my nerdier years :) But this is a perfect fit and super cute! The shoes are definitely the highlight - pity they're the wrong size!!


Tea said...

Thanks Luke!

Tea said...

Hey Nora - You're right!

When it comes to Cosplay - generally the majority of competitors/serious cosplayers (assumption) would make their own costumes.

For those looking to get into the Cosplay spirit (like myself) - Costume shops are the way to go! :)

Anonymous said...

Lol you are the cutest & I can't believe you don't like dressing up! I'm a dress up machine and have an annual Halloween party every year with my uni friends. It's fun. You must try it more!

@pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

Tea said...

Guilty of cuteness!

I don't mind actually dressing up now especially when it's cute & low maintenance - but still prefer taking pics of cosplayers :)

I'm not surprised, I've seen some of your epic HalloREEN pics!

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