Preparation for Beautiful Lengths Donation

So remember that time when I chopped off my hair for Beautiful Lengths?

For those that need refresher (here), I cut off about 30cm of my hair to donate to the Beautiful Lengths campaign which turns these donations into wigs for women who have been affected by cancer.

Even though the decision to cut hair may be quick for some ladies (and some gents) – the process of growing your hair and maybe even prepare your hair to be “donation ready” may actually take awhile. Since you can actually donate to Beautiful Lengths all year round – there is plenty of time to grow your hair, as well as get your mane in donation ready condition.

the ladida Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation - Before and After[3]

When I decided to cut my hair, to be honest I did not think that much about hair should be treated, until of course when it was around the chop and I read all the do’s and don’ts from Beautiful Lengths.

If you are thinking about donating your hair, I would suggest using this article as a BASIC guide only – and of course visiting Beautiful Lengths for the full details. After all, no one wants to cut off a significant chunk of hair just to find out it can’t be used!

The Non-Negotiables

Here is the ‘non-negotiable’ state for your hair to be accepted as a donation:
  • Minimum of 20cm to be donated
  • No dyes, bleaches or chemicals
  • Minimal greys (no more than 5%)

My Hair Don’ts

Even though I take great pride and joy of my hair – I still make some hair don’ts. And yes, I do get playfully teased that my hair is perfect for the swoosh! (I may blush, but I love it!)  Here are the naughty things I did that I am currently working on fixing/minimising:
  • I sometimes overbrush my hair. I blame Marcia Brady.
  • I was not using a conditioning treatment on a weekly basis.
  • I don’t use hair products for extra protection when using my curling iron.
  • I did not get my hair trimmed every 8 weeks. Even after the tip, I still find it too high maintenance for me – while I understand the logic I would assume most ladies would not have the time or cash to do this so regularly. I have no intention of doing this.
After the chop, and knowing the don’ts – while I definitely treat my hair better… me and my hair aren’t perfect!

My Hair Do’s (Yay me!)

But I am not all was lost – I had some great hair habits as well.
  • I use conditioner for every wash
  • I don’t do excessive hair styling
  • Most of the time I let my hair dry naturally – I am blessed to have relatively quick drying hair.
  • I don’t brush my hair straight out of the shower

The Product

For the past few weeks, I have been exclusively using the Pantene Aqua Lght range which contains Shampoo, Conditioner and a Treatment – what have I noticed?

Pantene Aqualight Shampoo Conditioner Treatment (2)
  • The unexpected benefit is that I noticed my dandruff actually decreased! 
Funny thing is that I was previously using Head and Shoulders which is an anti-dandruff hair care brand (owned by P & G as well) before the switch to Pantene – maybe after over a decade of on/off use my hair might be immune or something.
  • In case you didn’t know, Pantene Aqua Light… is meant to be like really light, you know? 
But just in case you didn’t, the back of the product tends to repeat itself… a lot. It might as well be a drinking game. For example the shampoo:
Step 2: “Lightweight nourishing conditioner nourishes in a light way…”
Step 3 :“Lightweight nourishing treatment for intensive nourishment with virtually no weight…”
  • But yes, my hair does feel light and airy – perfect for the hair swoosh!
  • The treatment is a nice addition to a regular routine, but despite the recommendation to use it weekly, I could live without it. 
A naughty thing that I can’t seem to shake is that I wash my hair every single day, so adding a treatment on top that might be a tad excessive for me.

I have been using Pantene for years simply because it works, unfortunately I do not know the technical jargon but I do know that when I have washed my hair it just feels good (sound like a hippie, ay?)  and of course like it enough to continue to use it. I would consider it to be in the premium end of the affordable range available in supermarkets, you do get what you pay for.

Head over to Beautiful Lengths for more information on how to donate.

The boring stuff: 
I received the products for the purpose of a review. The tips are borrowed/credited to Beautiful Lengths – the opinions are all mine as is my fabulous hair.

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