Neutrogena Naturals Bloggers Launch

So a mainstream brand goes natural?

Naturally, I am curious – is it REALLY natural? will it be affordable? does anyone really like rhetorical questions?

Fortunately these questions were answered… without me even having to ask them!

To find out the answers, I went to the Neutrogena Naturals Blogger Launch (February 26, 3013) held at the Twig Café, Surry Hills.

Neutrogena Naturals Australia Blogger Launch - Range - Twig Cafe Surry Hills - Roses
The Neutrogena Naturals range like the name suggests, is a new spin off of the Neutrogena brand which all the products containing over 80% of natural ingredients as well as more environmentally friendly packaging.

The marketing spiel (i.e. their claims not mine) - the range contain ‘bionutrients’ including:
  • Vitamin C = antioxidant
  • Vitamin B = moisturising properties
  • Vitamin E = antioxidant and moisturising properties
  • Complex sugars = moisturising properties
  • Omega fatty acids = hold cells together, soothes/calms skin
Neutrogena Naturals Kristen BellIt also just so happens that my girl crush Kristen Bell just happens to be the spokesperson – you might remember her from Veronica Mars, Heroes (used to be obsessed with the show) and being the voice of Gossip Girl.

The Neutrogena Naturals range currently has 5 products instore which are 84-100% natural! The range consists of:
Face and Body Bar
Lip Balm (100%)
Which retail for $4.99

Fresh Cleaning + Makeup Remover
Purifying Facial Cleanser
Purifying Pore Scrub
Which retail for $14.99
Looking at the back of the ingredients panel I was actually quite surprised at how transparent and easy to read it was. With the ingredients listed neatly with an explanation of where it is derived – no jumbling of words or weird codes in sight! As well as informing us of the percentage of how natural the product actually is, with a little asterix (*) to call out the non-natural ingredients.

In the top left, it shows all the ingredients used to create the Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm.

Neutrogena Naturals Australia Blogger Launch Range Lip Balm Ingredients Twig Cafe
In June there will be 2 further additions to the Neutrogena Naturals range - Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer and the Nourishing Night Cream.

I did find it interesting (nice way of saying weird) that they are releasing 2 facial cleansers, yet there is no body wash. With the moisturisers being launched in June in Australia, here’s hoping a body wash will not be too far off.

This is definitely the right step for Neutrogena by introducing the Naturals range, and will hopefully lead to their non-natural products to also make a change for the better. With Unilever (whose brands include; Dove, Rexona, Sunsilk) planning to phase out microplastics - let's hope that the mother of Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson will also take action.  These things do not happen overnight but the Naturals range is a positive step in the right direction.

The Neutrogena Naturals range is out NOW and retails from $4.99 to $14.99.

Neutrogena Naturals - Australia Launch Range - Bloggers - Twig Cafe


Beautiful Living said...

Oh goody!!! I really love natural products :)

Canvasbag Kris said...

I did see these in Big W the other day and was wondering what the deal was, so thanks for answering my questions. You're right, a great step in the right direction. Hopefully other companies take note!


Tea said...

Very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice. My skin has gotten yucky lately, Might give it a shot. Hopefully catch up soon Tee!

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Anonymous said...

Great snaps too girly

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Tea said...

Hope to see you soon, it has been awhile!

And thank you, New Year's resolution is to take better photos, gradually getting there :)

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