Review: Suigo Hair Spa + Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love my hair– it’s shiny, fine, soft and silky. But that being my hair has faults - my hair gets easily greasy/oily and I have had dandruff for most of my life.

When Suigo approached me to try out their Hair Spa treatment, I naturally had to look at the options - Lavender, Rose and Tea Tree. My decision to take part was purely to try the Tea Tree Energy Treatment where the purpose is to take care of dandruff and oil... yes, first world hair problems!

SPOILER ALERT: I enjoyed it... a lot. So if you read all the way down there is a GIVEAWAY!

I visited Ivy Hairdressing located in Parramatta (19/55 George St) to try out the Hair Spa for myself… here’s how it went.

Suigo Hair Spa Salon Ivy Hairdressing Parramatta
The Hair Spa itself is around a 40 minute experience (longer for me because of my pesky photo taking and questions), which started off with a close up inspection of my scalp using a camera connected to a computer. More on that later… it was not pretty.

Suigo Hair Camera Laptop

the treatment

The treatment itself started with the ‘typical’ shampoo and conditioner.

I was advised that the Tea Tree treatment was popular with men as they like the 'cooling sensation', while the Lavender gives heat. I really did not know what the 'cooling sensation' was until it got the good kind of interesting. My hair was sectioned of into portions with Tea Tree being ‘lined’ in – with resulted in a tingly sensation in my hair. It felt cool and fiery at the same time!

This was followed by a thorough scalp massage… which I actually enjoyed! My surprise comes from the fact I have never considered myself a massage person - but since I love my hair, maybe that's why?

After the treatment and the massage, my hair and myself had a bit of a rest for 10 minutes with a towel wrapped around my head and the treatment doing it’s thing. It actually felt really cool, in both senses of the word. It was weird feeling the cooling sensation reach it’s peak then gradually fade and my head getting warmer. Quite enjoyable and something myself and my head have never experienced.

Suigo Tea Tree Energy Hair Spa Salon Treatment

the result

You know that amazingly clean feeling you get after brushing your teeth minty fresh? That’s what my whole head of hair felt like… from root to tip.

My hair was noticeably softer touch, light and I could not stop touching it! which coincidentally is more likely to produce oil.

There didn’t seem to be a visible difference to the naked eye but there was a noticeable difference in the way my hair felt - light, fluffy, refreshed and well and truly clean.

Suigo Hair Spa After Treatment Result
Now remember about the camera on my scalp? That was to take the 'before' and then of course, they took the 'after' – just a warning your scalp up close does not look fabulous.

The diagnosis before the Hair Spa:
  • Build up of oil which covered the roots of my hair
  • Weak hairs which make it easier to fall out – which explains why my brush accumulates so much hair!
  • Apparently they spotted a sole grey hair under the ultra microscope. I refrained from freaking out as that could lead to more hair loss. While I like to think it is not visible to the naked eye it appears as somewhat transparent in the top right.
Suigo Hair Spa Treatment Camera Screenshot Before and After

The after (bottom images):
  • Noticeably less oil (I could feel it as well)
  • The roots are not blocked

As for dandruff itself, I did the ultra scientific test at home. First I did the scratch test, to see if any dandruff would accumulate under my nail. None! Then the ‘proper’ test took place,  I simply ‘shook’ my hair (those with dandruff know what I’m talking about!) and a few stray specks came out. When dandruff is at it’s worst, I can ‘make it snow.’ So good to know the treatment was not just relaxing but it actually produced a result!

I was told that one treatment alone does not completely eradicate the dandruff, as it is recommended to have a treatment once a month, with 6 treatments in total as well as using the take home pack.

Understandably, not everyone has the budget. If you are interested but keen on ‘playing it safe’ I would suggest booking in one session to see if it suits you or not. The fact that it is an indulgent treatment with the practical element and result, actually makes it easier to justify getting it done in the first place.

At Ivy Hairdressing, the Hair Spa costs $40. The cost of the treatment will vary at different salons.

You can find out more about over at Suigo and Ivy Hairdressing


Since I enjoyed the experience so much, why not do a giveaway?

There are THREE prizes up for grabs, with the winners being able to CHOOSE either a:

  • Hair Spa Experience like I have experienced (valued at up to $100) 


  • Suigo Product Pack which contains shampoo, conditioner, flower spray, travel hairdryer and soap (valued at $69.95)!

To enter you MUST:
1. Provide an email address - to contact you if you win
2. 'Like' the ladida on Facebook 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The facts (Terms and conditions):
  • The competition is open to Australian residents only.
  • The winner will be contacted via email, and has 72 hours to respond otherwise the prize may be forfeited.
  • If the Hair Spa Experience is chosen, the prize is not transferable and the winner has until June 2, 2013 to redeem the experience.
  • The Hair Spa Experience is only available in selected salons in NSW. It is the winner's responsibility for all transport and accommodation costs.
  • If the Suigo product pack is chosen, an Australian postal address needs to be provided by the winner.
  • The Ladida and Suigo are not responsible for lost or redirected mail.
  • The winner's email address may be shared with Suigo for the purpose of prize fulfillment.
  • For whatever reason, if the prize cannot be fulfilled, a prize of equal or lesser value may be substituted.
  • The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered, including but not limited to direct or consequential loss, or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with any prizes.
  • If I realise I stuffed up the T & C's - I may change/update them. 

The boring stuff: I was offered the treatment for the purpose of a review. The words and opinions are my own. I would not bother with a giveaway if I did not enjoy the experience.


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How exciting girl. I just entered. God knows I need a hair treatment. Getting my wisdom teeth yanked out today and already feel like crap: the pain is just going to make me feel worse haha!! But great review :)

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