Fashion Exposed: Debut Finalists

Debut is a competition for labels that are less than 3 years young which is held at the industry event Fashion Exposed. There were 2 categories – Apparel and Accessories, which means 2 winners - Edition and MIKAT. You can read about their win here.

Even though not all finalists can ‘technically’ win, it was still a fantastic opportunity for them to get exposure to buyers and of course me (latter, no so important!). Obviously not being on the judging panel with any industry know-how, I can only look through the eyes of a consumer/blogger. Each label had a distinct voice as well as something unique to offer the Australian fashion industry.

You can read about the winners here, as for the finalists keep reading!

Fashion Exposed Debut 2013 Finalists


Yeah, I like comfy shoes (yes, one of THOSE people)  so naturally I was attracted to Falconeddies.  The designer, Darryl Manning has a background in embroidery and it clearly shows in his designs. The shoes are all about texture which includes leather, hessian, and yes, embroidery!

BUT the best and most unique thing is… what for it… the sole!

When discovering the level of detail on the bottom of the shoe, I really could not contain my excitement. It’s designed like a stamp, so your footprints will be unique!

Which kind of makes you want to act out wearing these on your next painting occasion, just like a cheesy movie during the ‘painting scene’ and dance to some equally cheesy music (Dancing on the Ceiling, perhaps?). Or just buy them and feel unique strutting down Surry Hills or something.

Fashion Exposed Debut 2013 Falconeddies

Rag Tag

Yes, after the whole ‘falconeddies incident’ where I pretty much lost my shizer over some soles. Then realised I really do love fashionable surprises.

Rag Tag also delivered a surprise. Normally I am not a massive fan of a lot of colour, or print of people on clothing. Fortunately thanks to Rag Tag, I have been proven wrong.

These elements are not ‘in your face’, but upon closer inspection you can see the detail in the prints which consist of faces interspersed with Tasmanian influences – flora, fauna and of course the iconic Tasmanian Devil!

The collection features pieces for men and woman.

Fashion Exposed Debut 2013 Rag Tag

Saucy Rose

Only a few days before Fashion Exposed I got to view Saucy Rose’s collection on the Fashion Palette runway – so if you read and see more head over here

Fashion Exposed Debut 2013 Saucy Rose (1)
Fashion Exposed Debut 2013 Saucy Rose (2)


The label Zahir exudes a cool and relaxed vibe, perfect for the beach!

The collection consists of bright prints and embellishments with my personal favourite piece, being the yellow shorts with a unique Zahir print below which little pom-pom like embellishments and are also available in my favourite colour, blue.

Fashion Exposed Debut 2013 Zahir


Oracles is the vision of Alexandra Kovac.

At Fashion Exposed, she showcased her Dandylion collection which features sharp pieces with the staples of black and white, interspersed with a multicolour print.

What I love about the collection is that some pieces can be worn in an office environment as well.

Fashion Exposed Debut 2013 Oracles

More Debut for 2013...

So there you have the up and comers! 

There will be another Debut competition held this year in Melbourne in August/September which unfortunately  won't be attending/covering (unless a Fashion God wishes to take care of me).

For designers who wish to find out more please visit Fashion Exposed, and likewise for those who want to know the next lot of finalists and winners.

I attended Fashion Exposed as a media guest.

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