Glam by Manicare Lash Masterclass

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a “Lash Masterclass” held by Glam by Manicare to learn the art of applying falsies (false eyelashes) and help to get over my fear of gluing my eyelids together. Beauty Bloggers were educated by the infamous “Lash Ninja” herself, Allie Clark.

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Up to that point, I had only worn false eyelashes exactly once in my life, even then it was a makeup-artist applying it on me. Applying false eyelashes scared the bejesus out of me! It’s the fear of it falling out, wasting money on something that does not work, and it looking ridiculous.

So this class was perfect to help aid me with dealing with lash anxiety and to confront my fears!

Since we were getting educated, it makes sense for the event to be held in a classroom at the uber fashionable Whitehouse Institute of Design in Surry Hills.

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Before we were prepared to apply lashes, we needed to learn about our own eye shape (Hooded/Monolid, Prominent, Deep Set, or Almond) to pick which lash would suit. We had a handy little booklet which detailed the 4 common types of eye shapes. The most common in the room as well as the wider population is Hooded/Monolid Eyes which is characterised by - "when the eye is open, the lid disappears so the crease is very close to the lash line."

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Glam by Manicare Lash Masterclass (4)The Glam by Manicare range of lashes is massive and varied!

Ranging from the ‘natural' look’ Taylor to ‘no such thing as too much bling’ on the Kim lashes, the glitter band on Kourtney, and crazy long lashes from Madonna, as you can tell they are celebrity inspired. The most popular lash is Jessica (left).
Dear Glam by Manicare,
Please create a lash for Khloe, as much as I hate to admit I know who they are (and watch the show – don’t judge me!), she is my favourite.
Oh and Adele as well, because everybody loves her and unlike the Kardashians, she is not polarising….
That is all.
For those who enjoy customisation, and have the patience/expertise there are individual lashes (Diva) as well as a long band which you can actually customise completely to what style you want (Scarlette).

My own natural eyelashes are practically non-existent to the naked eye. I am not blessed with gorgeous long lashes. On one occasion a dear friend  even bestowed me with a curious inspection of my eyes, followed by "Do you actually have eyelashes?"

I picked the "Taylor" inspired by my guilty pleasure, Taylor Swift who just have a knack for expressing the melodramas of being a girl in a catchy-as-hell way... not that I can relate to it or anything. Anyway my reason to pick those lashes was not because of her, but because they are the most natural looking lashes from the range.

The false eyelashes are able to be used up to 5 times. But being 'resourceful' (nice way to say cheap), I would try to stretch out the life of it a bit longer.

Us Beauty Bloggers were provided with a lash applicator (sold separately). Really surprised to say that it did work perfectly on the first go, for my right eye that is. Then the left eye was not so pretty, I could not figure out how to use the lash applicator! What seemed so natural in applying for the right felt so wrong for the left. Then came multiple attempts, and then I gave up and just used my fingers to manually apply the lash which didn't look as good as the right but I could get away with it!

The last applicator is a nice-to-have tool especially for n00bs, but not a necessity in the art of lash application.

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Here's a bit of a warning, after the first few times of wearing lashes, you cannot stop staring at them... reflective surfaces better watch out!

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The Glam by Manicare range consists of over 20 styles of lashes retailing for $11.95 for a pair of lashes.
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