Interview with Natalie and Sarah

nas_photo_1This Friday marks the debut of Natalie and Sarah at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) who will be showcasing their second collection for Spring/Summer 13 as part of the “New Generation” along with Project Runway alumni – Tristan Melle and Jamie Ashkar.

The label is actually named after the designers themselves, Natalie and Sarah (unlike Elizabeth & James – fakers!) who are friends who met while studying at the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney. They are avid bloggers themselves who regularly give updates on the both glamorous and not-so-glamorous side of running a label.

The duo took some time in the hectic lead up to chat about their label, their impending MBFWA debut, and most importantly, Delilah

imageWho is the “Natalie and Sarah” woman?
She is fun, fashion forward and always willing to take a risk. She loves colour, texture and prints but also has a bit of a dark side and is a wild child at heart

As this is your MBFWA debut, how has it been different compared to the process of launching the previous collection?
In terms of timing, having such a tight deadline to work towards was definitely a challenge.

As our last collection was being produced purely to be distributed by ourselves we had more control over our own deadlines. There is a lot more pressure on us to ensure that the collection is strong and cohesive and this will be our labels launch into a wider public audience.

There has been a lot more to organise this time, such as the PR/Media side of things as well as venturing into the land of wholesale, not to mention organising accessories and shoes for 12 models! Surprises? Surprisingly not that many except for a little surprise bundle of joy in the form of a tiny French Bulldog named Delilah who came along a week after we were accepted into Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! Not distracting at all!

What has been your favourite part of preparing for the MBFWA process? 
Attending the production meetings and meeting/working with the other emerging designers has been great. To know that there are other people out there in the same position as you or that have been through what you are currently going through is inspiring and a great comfort.  

Which designer are you most excited about to be showing MBFWA?
We are looking forward to seeing a lot of the smaller and newer labels showing at their own stand alone shows. It's great to see the schedule for the week reflect what we believe will be the future of Australian fashion. 

imageWhat has been the biggest highlight for Natalie & Sarah thus far?
The clear stand out has to be being accepted to show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!  

About the very clearly loved Delilah (adorable dog/mascot) who is all over your Instagram. What has life been like before/after her?
She has been a delight to have around!

Ever since the day she entered our work space she has been a constant entertainment and stress reliever.

Definitely the best mascot anyone could ever ask for and a great crowd pleaser. She definitely gets more likes than anything else we put on line! 

Natalie and Sarah - Delilah French Bulldog
imageWhat are your plans after MBFWA?
We are definitely looking forward to getting back into the market scene, which has been neglected with the lead up to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

We will also be putting some more time into developing our online store and adding some new stock in the next couple of months! 

At the ladida, our guilty pleasure is geek culture, What is your guilty pleasure?
Our guilty pleasure would definitely have to be food based!

Candy, chocolates, fried food, pretty much anything bad for you and being part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has definitely given us a good excuse to stay well stocked in all those departments, you know what they say about stress eaters. 

Thank you to Natalie and Sarah.

You can connect with the ladies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Images are courtesy of Natalie and Sarah.

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