Review: Addams Family the Musical in Sydney

Where was eff was Wednesday’s iconic plaits?

Yes, this was the Addams Family… but in the form of a musical!

ADDAMS_OZ19_Photo-by-Jeff-Busby2-800x533Wednesday is all grown up, and is now a young woman while Pugsly was stuck in time and did not experience the same dramatic growth spurt.

I soon realised that the musical took a creative license with aging Wednesday… which is similar to sitcoms, although they normally age a ‘boring’ newborn into a somewhat entertaining child with adorable one-liners – Yes Lily from Modern Family, I am referring to you.

Wednesday is now a young woman and has fallen in love and shock horror! he is ‘normal’… as in he wears colour and does not believe that torture is a form of entertainment. Not only does he have to go through the nerve-wracking ordeal of meeting the family, he has to meet HER family. Yes, he is the fish out of water while Wednesday struggles between her dark side and her new found sunny disposition thanks to her new boy toy.

ADDAMS_OZ1_Photo-by-Jeff-Busby-800x643I attended a preview of the Addams Family musical at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre, since it was the night before the official opening, it would be safe to assume what I saw is pretty much on par with what is on stage right now.

Despite being famous for their dark humour, the musical was not so child friendly as I assumed (yes, I grew up watching the Christina Ricci version), there were more than few nudges and winks to the mature audience mainly involving the trials and tribulations of being a parent and a husband/wife.

There was even a song about losing the passion and not getting any anymore (“Waiting”), along with some blatant sexual references – such as a momentary fondle of breasts and the uncomfortable use of the term “Grandma Sandwich.”

ADDAMS_OZ8_Photo-by-Jeff-Busby-800x647What I found interesting was despite the dark and morbid nature the lyrics, “I wanna cut you with my love and with my knife” (Crazier Than You), the musical composition itself was more along the lines of the ‘typical’ bright cheery musical numbers.

A shocker was there was no rousing rendition of the theme song of the Addams Family by the cast, there was the teaser of the instrumental version that was played by the orchestra which received a great reception from the audience – but lacked those “creepy and kooky, mysteriously spooky” lyrics!

According to an unofficial poll solely determined by observation, the favourite of the audience had to be Lurch who fulfilled the role of the comedic relief (the Pacey to a Dawson), a man who embodies the image of the strong silent type, with no words needed.

This musical is more for parents who grew up watching the Addams Family rather than kids. Despite having no kids myself and growing up with the “Christina Ricci” version, I really enjoyed the musical – there were enough non-parental jokes/bits to keep me entertained and call it funny. The musical was fun, kooky, and my personal highlight were some unexpected surprises as well as ‘wow’ moments involving props and well-loved characters!

Where: Capital Theatre, Sydney
When: Now until June 9, 2013 (subject to change, please check here)


The boring stuff:
Images are courtesy of the Addams Family Musical Australia.
I attended a performance of Addams Family as a media guest for the purpose of a review.

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