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Do you love hurting animals?

Do you love exploitation?

Do you love harming the environment?

Well, Lush is not for you.

It is pretty damn difficult to find someone who actually hates Lush.

In early May, Lush held their first ever bloggers event to 'introduce' us to Lush's philosophies and some of their hero products.

It was difficult to walk away without being converted… maybe they culted me?

Lush Bloggers Event Sydney QVB Store (2)
Even though I am sure we would all love to be perfectly ethical consumers… the reality that is not it is not always easy.

So if Lush is so amazing, ethical and gives you those warm fuzzy feelings? Why doesn't everyone just buy from there?

It would be safe to assume the biggest barriers are price and education. To be blunt, Lush costs more. Something which they upfront about, as unfortunately being ethical ain't cheap.

I loved the opportunity to be welcomed into Lush and spend over 2 hours there… without looking like a freak loitering in the store for that long and what I learnt that Lush is so much more than that place with all the strong scented bath goodies.

Lush Bloggers Event Sydney QVB Store (3)
I was actually surprised at the sheer variety of their range which includes cosmetics, shampoo, facial cleansers and masks.

Some of these products aren't 'used' like your typical supermarket brands. Like Angels on Bare Skin ($16.95)… you actually grab a pinch and have to do a bit of DIY and mix it with water yourself in your palm!

Now for the lady who does not have time to find out how or a bit intimidated to ask, that may not be common sense. So yes, I had no clue how to use the product until someone explained it to me.

I wasn’t too excited about Angels on Bare Skin at first as it didn’t look as fun or colourful as what I would normally be attracted to… until I used it. It feels amazing the first time you use it! My face felt silky smooth and I could not keep my hands off my face… but like anything after a few weeks the honeymoon period is over while it is still amazing, it will pretty much never compare to the “first time.”

Lush - Angels With Bare Faces
Emotional Brilliance seemed like a form of personality analysis/fortunate telling of the beauty kind. It involves you closing your eyes while the colour wheel spins and when you open your eyes, you pick 3 colours which you gravitate towards.

Underneath the colours is a statement like "independent" this mixed in with the order you picked the colour makes a handy little diagnosis on your state of mind.. of the beauty kind of course (should see a professional if you're actually seeking something more).

The idea is if you wear the product it gives you that little bit of pep and oomph to get it done. Which I guess works on the psychology of feeling fabulous with a well-loved piece or something new.

Lush - Emotional Brilliance - Cosmetics
 We had the opportunity to play with the products instore to try for ourselves as well as getting gifted some goodies.

The Bubblegum Lip Scrub ($9.95) is just yummy… literally! It’s primary ingredient is caster sugar so the intention you let the scrub do it’s thang and then simply lick it off. Despite how yummy it is, I definitely would not encourage anything more than a dab for consumption.
Lush - Bubblegum Lip Scrub - My Boy Lollipop
We also had the opportunity to hand pick some products to try at home. After trying Gorgeous which is a facial moisturiser, I knew I had to have it! It smells AMAZING and it feels AMAZING! However, there is a but, a big but (haha, big butt)… the price.

It costs $74.95.

Despite how amazing the product itself is, you have to judge for yourself if it is worth the price tag. In line with the Lush ethos, there is minimal packaging which means this Gorgeous moisturiser at $74.95 has identical packaging  (other than the label) to Vanishing Cream which is $39.95. I don’t mind minimal packaging, however with this product it is not the most practical. The product itself it quite creamy, so it easily ends up on the lid which in turn occasionally runs over the sides, especially if the product is not always sitting upright. So in short, love the product itself, but not so much the price and the packaging.

Lush Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser
So there you have it.

After trialing a few of the Lush goodies, I am now officially a Lushie.

The only hiccup in our relationship was trialing some of the Gorilla perfume instore which lead to an allergic reaction, having sensitive skin it wasn’t that much of a shock but I would advise those who are like me to try the product for themselves before making a purchase. Fortunately, the several other products I have trialed and played around with had no negative reaction.

Lush Bloggers Event Sydney QVB Store (1)

The boring stuff: I attended this event and was gifted products (yes, that was pretty cool). I was under no obligation to provide coverage or review the products.


The synthetic lion said...

my friends love lush and every time we walk past it my nose goes crazy.

Unknown said...

I love lush, but sometimes I can't stay in a store for too long because it feels like the ballistic particles are up my nose lol All the scents can be quite strong when you spend a bit of time there.

I love the bubblegum lip scrub, snow fairy and honey I washed the kids!

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