Pony Con Sydney 2013 - My Little Pony Fans Unite!

My Little Pony is apparently back!

AND has a fan base large enough to have a 2 day convention all about it, in the form of the Australia's first ever Pony Con held in April at the UNSW Roundhouse in Sydney.

A diverse mix of fans of girls of all ages… as well as Bronies – fully grown adult men who just happen to be massive fans of My Little Pony.

I’ll give you a few seconds to digest these facts…

Ready to continue?

Pony Con 2013 Sydney Australia Cosplay (4)
Growing up even though I owned at least 1 My Little Pony, I was way more into Barbies.

So you must be wondering why did I go if I am not much of a fan in the first place?

Well I loves toys, the 80’s and pure nostalgia, so that was enough for me but mainly I was curious.

Since the topic of interest was very niche, it naturally was held at a smaller venue but had all the core elements - cosplay (yay!), goodies to buy, special guests and music.

Pony Con was not sold out on Day 1 but was quite busy at the UNSW Roundhouse. Big enough to make it feel like a convention but small enough to not be overwhelming.

I learnt that these fans KNOW their ponies and are passionate... Just like any other superfans, possibly even along the lines of Whovians and Trekkies.

The biggest shocker was Bronies, dudes who love My Little Pony they have even been the subject of a documentary, Bronies: The Completely Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony... yes, I want to watch it!

Even though the notion of an extremely gender-specific toy appealing to the opposite sex may seem odd, I grew up playing with G.I. Joes alongside with Barbies so who am I to judge? As long as it does not harm anyone, Bronies are no different from other superfans who are passionate about their fandom and love to cosplay.

Regardless of whether you're a fan of My Little Pony or not, you must be at least a teensy bit curious of what went on in Pony Con. I was curious enough to trek to UNSW Roundhouse (not so convenient as you would assume) and you must be curious as well if you bothered to read all the way to this. point. right. now.

Without further ado here are the shots from the event.

You're welcome.
Pony Con 2013 Sydney Australia Cosplay (1)
Pony Con 2013 Sydney Australia Cosplay (2)
Pony Con 2013 Sydney Australia Cosplay (3)
Are you a fan of My Little Pony?
What do you think of Pony Con?
Should they change the name to My Little Brony?
What's with all the questions?

Would love your thoughts - comment below!

Pony Con 2013 Sydney Australia (5)

I attended Pony Con as a media guest.


Kimberley said...

I have to admire cosplay of any fandom. That's dedication, and that's self confidence. Good on them :) I'd be feeling like a fish out of water, but then again I'm sure no doubt I'd come out with some my little pony toys for show and tell :P

Marlee said...

Oh. My. God. this is a thing? why is this not in Melbourne?! I'd go purely to dress up. (even though I'm not a massive my little pony fan). Hopefully they bring it down south some time soon.

Marlee xx

Tea said...

@Marlee the 2nd Pony Con will be held in Melbourne next year - looking forward to seeing your cosplay! :)

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