Cavalia Social Media VIP Night in Sydney

What is Cavalia?

My exact thought when the invite landed in my inbox.

After doing some in depth and thought provoking research (aka Google), it is a show created by Cirque Du Soleil co-founder Normand Latourelle a show dedicated to horses complemented a massive 'stage' with a massive video screen "size of three IMAX theatres", amazing special effects and riders/acrobats.

Cavalia Social Media VIP Night Sydney 2013 - Backstage - Horses and Cast (1)

Cavalia held a Social Media VIP night in Sydney, which for some inexplicable reason I was invited... along with Zoe Foster-Blake (Beauty writer and Mrs Hamish Blake) and Home & Away's Nic Westway. Who are clearly not in my 'usual' social circle but I'm happy to be associated with as my new BFFs (friendship bracelets are currently being made).

Us “Social Media VIPs” were treated to a cross between being a “Rendez-vous VIP” and “Horse Lover,” a unique combination. The “Rendez-vous VIP” part of the night involved being treated to dinner and dessert (the best part!), while the “Horse Lover” part of the night involved the awesome seating allocation. And of course the added bonus of an excessive amount of chargers available.

Cavalia Social Media VIP Night Sydney 2013 Food(1)

Part of both packages was going through private “Stables Tour” after the show to meet the horses and cast. I was a happy camper.

Cavalia Social Media VIP Night Sydney 2013 - Backstage - Horses

When I go to events, I just purchase the ticket itself. As much as I would love the opportunity to always experience the VIP package... I was unfortunately not blessed with rich parents but instead those that love me unconditionally and would do practically anything for me... ugh right? It is of course up to you (and your budget) if you just want the show, or the extra trimmings.

Now the show itself, Cavalia was clear that it featured horses through it’s advertising... but I guess I didn’t realise the true extent of it, it is in fact an ODE to horses.

The horses did not seem to be doing anything unnatural (aka my consciousness is clean, no animal cruelty involved). The humans on the other hand are practically freaks! It seems like to get the job you need to be able to perform insane acrobatics, be able to do a handstand while riding a horse and have a gorgeous head of hair (guys and girls!).

During the show, only my iPhone could be used to take pics... which really meant the photos were literally a blur!

Cavalia Social Media VIP Night Sydney 2013 - Stage

This show is not for everyone, as I had never seen Cirque Du Soleil I really no clue what to expect. For some reason I thought there would be a story line... I was wrong. Kind of like a high-end circus it consists of acts with different music, set, and 'characters. You don't need to be a complete and utter horse lover to enjoy the show BUT it would help if you had some appreciation for animals.

Cavalia has now finished it’s run in Sydney but will gallop into Melbourne on July 24.

The boring stuff:
I was invited by Cavalia as a social media VIP which simply meant I was encouraged to tweet/instagram/vine/"be social" until my heart's content. Something I do anyway when I go out, to impress people I don’t know. I was under no obligation to make a blog post.

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