Interview with Designer Emily Scott

Imagine winning $10,000 to kick start your career?

Well, Emily Scott did just that by being crowned the fashionable winner of Australian Graduates Fashion Week who was up against amazing competition including designers who recently showed at MBFWA; Leroy Nguyen, Elissa McGowan, and Inder Dhillion.

So naturally being curious nosy, I wanted to find out what she was up to since her mega win as well as what she plans to do with the dollars. Since then she has launched oxyM a capsule collection of pants, with the fabrics all the way from India.

So of course, with her new venture and launch into the fashionsphere it is the perfect time to do an interview...

 How would you describe yourself as a designer?

As a designer, I like to set myself apart by designing based on ideas and inspirations rather than looking to fads and trends. I like to evoke a sense of curiosity to keep people intrigued in what I am trying to do with fashion.

My designing is never a flat process. I love to pattern cut using drape and more organic developments, handling the fabric as much as possible seeing how it falls and reacts when something is added or taken away. I consider the female form through every phase of the design process and enjoy playing with silhouettes and proportions changed through surrounding elements. Fabric and textile manipulations also play a huge part in building my design aesthetic. I love colour and how afraid people are of it.

I like to push the boundaries and tell myself they are only set so close because no one has broken them yet and got away with it. I know this is naive but I trust that if I do manage to launch a successful design brand that I won't loose this drive.

Can you tell us a bit about your graduate collection?

Pobby & Dingan // Autumn 2013 encapsulates my design aesthetic through a living portfolio.

Inspired by Andrew Huang's film 'Solipsist' and the Australian Novel 'Pobby & Dingan' by Ben Rice, I play on the idea that everything is a figure of the imagination, posing the question "can we connect with one another?"

Through the fusion of Eastern and Western inspirations, I have incorporated fabric and textile manipulation (pleating and hand dying) and leather work as embellishment into my 5 piece collection of transformable separates. Drawing on the balance between naturalistic and surrealism captured through subdued technicolour and structural, yet organic movement.
The favourite thing about the collection would be the unconventional cut of my garments.

What were the perks of participating in Australian Graduates Fashion Week?

Along with the benefit of the prizes also came the recognition.

Since winning AGFW, I have gained exposure that wouldn't have happened without this competition. I have also taken opportunities that have been offered to me from various people that I have gained so much design and life experience from.

I think it has also taught me a huge deal about how the industry works, regarding the sequence of events after my winning.

What do you plan on using the prize money of $10,000 from AGFW?

I used some of the prize money to help create a collection to showcase in Malaysia and then also to travel around Asia for a month.

I also purchased some beautiful fabrics in India to do a ready-to-wear capsule collection. The rest of the money I will save until I have made definite of my next move.

If you could pick the winner other than yourself, who would it be?

I think the runner up Leroy Nguyen's collection was incredible. And of course the other girls from Otago Polytech did amazing collections also.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

After the virtual restart fashion competition in Kuala Lumpur, I traveled around Asia for a month gathering inspiration sketching and people watching and it was one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had.

In India, I came across many beautiful fabrics so I plan on running a mini ready-to-wear range. I hope to move to Sydney and possibly intern (if I can afford to live without pay) otherwise find a job at an established Fashion Label. At the moment I am working on my portfolio to start applying with.

At the ladida, my ‘weird’ thing is geekery. What is your guilty pleasure?

I have a weird obsession with people watching.. not in a creepy way. I just love reading people.

My friend and I use to play a game in the coffee shop I worked in we would guess peoples stories based on their personas, sometimes we would ask out of interest and to see how far off we were, other times we would just see how it played out.. I was usually pretty close to the mark.

A massive thank you to Emily for taking the time to be a fantastic interviewee before she hits the big time.

You can check out her collection on Facebook as well as get in touch with her to buy her designs,

Plus you never know, she might be ‘people watching’ you right now…

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