My Geeky Wish List

We are well and truly heading to the peak of conventions in Sydney with Supanova just past us, as well as SMASH!, EB Expo and Animania to look forward to…

All these conventions just add onto my geeky wishlist of things I really really want.

So let’s do this!

1. Geek Glasses (Sponsored)

Let’s face it, geek/hipster glasses are "in."

Now, I am actually one of those people that need to wear glasses to actually have the joys of sight. So it’s nice to actually have frames stocked that are fashionable as well as practical.

If you love the look but are not ‘blessed’ with poor vision, there is nothing to stop you from getting the frames with non-prescription lenses… you perfect-sighted hipster bastards.

Geek glasses tend to be made out of plastic which means they are more likely to be lighter. This counts for a lot if you’re like me and have a higher prescription, which means thicker lenses and ultimately weight.

My pick from Vision Direct is this pair of prescription glasses from Burberry.

Vision Direct - Burberry Eyeglasses $163.95
Vision Direct Glasses

2. Geek Love

This could possibly be on the wish list for awhile… waiting for that special someone to buy me the highly romantic and insanely cheesy “I Love You Sith Much.”

For some reason I have a bias towards Darth Vader and Stormtroopers, because as we all know, all bad boys have a soft spot.

What can I say, one day our evil overlord will come and present us with this mass produced toy… dream big ladies.

I Love You Sith Much

3. Go "Pow" yourself

I do love a bit of onomatopoeia...

What better way to encapsulate my geeky love of the English language, geekery AND fashion, than this necklace from blogger Romi's Illuminati collection.

Illuminati - Supernatural "Pow" Necklace $50

Illuminati Pow Necklace

4. Yes, more Star Wars

Black Milk has become famous for it’s digital Star Wars prints. But this limited edition “Star Wars Manga” print has to be my favourite!

Maybe it's the whole "limited edition" tag... damn marketers!

Black Milk - Star Wars Manga Dress $110

Star Wars Black Milk

5. Super Nintendo X Game Boy = Awesome

Boring Fact: The first ever console I owned was a Super Nintendo while my first handheld was a Game Boy.. The latter being grey and monochromatic… I feel old right about now.

This Supa Boy is the lovechild of those 2 ideas bring the best attributes forward, by letting you play those awesome Super Nintendo games in COLOUR (yes, that was a big deal) and being able to play it portable.

Handy tip, when the game seems to be having "issues" just blow the bottom of the cartridge, it works about 90% of the time!

Urban Outfitters - Supaboy Portable Game Console $89 


6. Superhero Hoarding

I already own the official Batman earrings but that's not enough! I would love to have my very own pair of Superman stud earrings… My Sugar Geek-to-be are you listening?

Superman Earrings

7. The Onesie (Don't Hate Me)

Saving possibly the best and most cringeworthy for last… the onesie.

Yes, I’m pretty sure this is a fad just like neon, bandage dresses and one shoulder tops had their day…

But until then have fun with it!

Who hasn’t wanted to wear something completely ridiculous and get away with it?  Since it’s currently “in,” it is a socially acceptable and mainstream way to think you are actually being different and fun!

ASOS Onesie

The boring stuff: Vision Direct has sponsored their mention in this post. 

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