Review: Blue Man Group 'Experience Awesome' in Sydney

The Blue Man Group’sExperience Awesome” had absolutely no false advertising – it was exactly that.

I was lucky to be invited to the opening night (August 14) in Sydney at The Lyric Theatre located at The Star, where the show will be held until September.

Experience Awesome is more than a show, it was well and truly an experience thanks to high amount of audience interaction. Even though I’m sure they have done this show 1000’s of times, it still allowed for spontaneity (or at least perceived) thanks to the partly horrified and excited reactions of their victims volunteers.

The ‘character’ of the Blue Man Group reminded me of Mr Bean, a bit of a cross between a human and an alien, no words spoken and tons of physical comedy. What was impressive is that I never once spotted them break out of character even when their volunteers/audience do something unexpected.
The show was engaging and hilarious, combined with WTF moments (in a good way) it even got to the point where I had tears of laughter. The vast majority was entertaining and engaging but like any show there were a few bits that did drag on a bit too long.

It was awesome to see the integration of the live band with the Blue Man Group on stage, the use of unconventional instruments (gigantic pipes), physical comedy, social commentary about our love affair with technology (guilty!), and even a musical medley featuring Aussie classics.

I've never been a fan of product placement on stage it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and this show did not prove me wrong. The "offending" skit involved the appearance of a cereal. Even though the product was integrated well as an instrument/prop, it did overstay it's welcome.

Where you sit does make a difference

This is one of the shows where being in the upper level vs. the ground made a large amount of difference as the Blue Man Group well and truly made their way throughout the audience on the ground floor.

Being closer to the stage does make the show more engaging. I was sitting in the ground level and even though I would be horrified to be picked as a “volunteer,” it is still pretty exciting to watch them hunting through the audience on a few occasions.

I did feel a bit disconnected when they let lose some gigantic coloured balls. I was sitting at the back of the ground floor which had a low hanging ceiling which meant I had no opportunity to touch those giant balls… I was ball-blocked!

For those who are keen for a high chance of being interacted with, the front row is the place to be as they had the lovely attire of wearing a poncho. A few lucky ladies in the audience were even given one-off souvenirs from the Blue Man Group themselves. I was jealous…  bitches!

Not trying to sound desperate, but I love you BMG

I was actually quite shocked at how much I well and truly loved the show. Was it 100% perfect? No, but it was pretty damn close.

Maybe I enjoyed it because I didn’t know much about their show at all. Other than their infamous blue faces and obscure Arrested Development references. I think my ignorance was well and truly bliss.

Now everyone has that pretentious wankerknow-it-all friend who only likes things that no one has ever heard of… This show is not for them.

But the rest of us who simply want to be entertained and be distracted from the outside world, this is for you! This show is actually appropriate for kids. Other than a lot of booty-shaking and the occasional innuendo but nothing too crass by my standards.

So if you actually bothered to read this really long review, I'm sure you know by now I loved it.

I'm afraid I just blue myself.


With this review, I have tried to hold back on naming specific parts of the show, and I would even recommend avoiding Youtube clips and previews. The best part of the show for me is having the complete element of surprise as I really knew nothing much about the show (and a lot of other things).

Also whatever you do, do NOT be late especially if you hate attention. You have been warned.

The Details

Information is subject to change, I recommend visiting their website for more info.

The Lyric Theatre, The Star
From now until mid-September (may be extended, check website)

Tuesday 7pm
Wednesday 8pm
Thursday 8pm
Friday 8pm
Saturday 4pm & 8pm
Sunday 3pm & 7pm

Ticket info for Sydney here

From October 11

From November 8

The boring stuff: I received media tickets for the opening night of the Blue Man Group. My fangirling is 100% real and was not influenced. Images are courtesy of The Blue Man Group, except for Tobias.

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