Review: Lush's Soak and Float

Now when you think of Lush, you think of yummy scented products that look as good as they smell.

Let me introduce you to the black sheep... Lush's Soak and Float, a solid shampoo.

Now, the Soak and Float is probably one of the least sexiest Lush products as it doesn’t look cute or have a fun scent but it does get the job done. This is created to tackle dandruff which has never been a sexy ‘problem’ like wanting shiny and sexy hair. So like other brands, it’s like the black sheep of a range but for those of us who have dandruff we want results not sexiness, although the latter would be a bonus.

I am accustomed to the visual cue of liquid shampoo as a gauge to know what amount is ideal to use. For a solid shampoo, with wet hands you simply rub a bit of shampoo on your hands and that’s enough to get a lather! I was actually really surprised how little effort was required to work up a decent lather even compared to liquid shampoo.

Earlier this year I had a Suigo treatment which significantly improved the condition of my hair. Very happy to say that Soak and Float has mainly maintained the state of my hair. I didn’t notice any substantial improvements nor did I notice any increase of the build up of dandruff… which is sometimes the odd by product of some shampoos.

It had the added benefit of that warm fuzzy feeling that it is environmentally friendly, no bunnies were harmed in the making of this product as well as giving me an indication of how watered down some other products truly are.

I was able to handpick myself this product to trial as I wanted to try for myself how a solid shampoo actually works. The obvious plus is that it is perfect for travelling, being a non-liquid and it also means it is a lot lighter. Unfortunately, like a typical soap bar it does tend to get a bit gross after prolonged use. You have the option to buy a tin from Lush for $4.95 to house your product. But a ‘normal’ soap container or even takeaway container should do the trick.

Price: $13.95
Where: Lush stores
Tested on animals? Hell no!
Bonus points? It’s Vegan y’all AND you can take it on a plane!
More info? Lush

The boring stuff: I know I tend to gush about Lush but I really do love this brand and their products. Unfortunately, I did not get paid to be a fangirl/Lushie. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? except this product is vegan... I really need a better example. This product was gifted.

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I haven't tried this one, but I am glad to hear that it works! :D Yeah, that cade oil is something else!

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