Supanova Sydney 2013: Cosplay Favourites

Forget the Madman National Cosplay Championship, or even just the ‘simple’ Cosplay Competition… We now the real honour is getting a mention on this infamous blog… The La-Di-What?

It’s been awhile since I have done awarded my cosplay favourites where I get all fangirl/touristy and take a crap load of photos. From that lot, I simply cull. Congrats to the winners mentioned, the prize is awarded instantly which consists of digital glory and a big lot of nothing.

Let’s do this!

Best Photo (Taken by Me)

Honestly, I had no clue who this character was. But he just uses cool chillaxing near the gas regulator room.

Could possibly be from Call of Duty Ghosts (thanks Luke!), but I'm not 100% sure... the jeans throw me off. Please comment below if you know.

Supanova Sydney 2013 Cosplay -  (4)

Best Non-Douchey Way To Reserve Space for “Friends”

Ah yes, the guy from Monopoly. We meet again

I'm not sure how you would even transport or even "borrow" that many paper boxes to Supanova. Either way, bravo Rich Uncle Pennybags.

Supanova - Cosplay - Monopoly Fort of Awesome - Rich Uncle Pennybags

Best Female

A blue lady? Unfortunately, not an Arrested Development reference but Princess Snake from Dragon Ball Z will do.

The attention to detail with this costume was amazing. The hair, the make up and the costume, just amazing! Especially impressed with the ears and the eyes.

Supanova Sydney 2013 Cosplay - Dragon Ball Z - Princess Snake

Best Male

I have never played nor had an interest in World of Warcraft… till now. If I was a helmet person I’d take it off to you the Lich King.

Supanova Sydney 2013 Cosplay - World of Warcraft - Lich King

Best Non-Cosplay

Apparently this isn’t cosplay because it’s not a character rather it’s ‘heavily inspired.’ Either way this is probably one of the most unique ‘costumes’ I’ve witnessed. Best described as a Pokemon raver… with Pokeball and Furry influences.

Supanova Sydney 2013 Cosplay - Pokemon Raver

Best Obscure Cosplay

Cabbage Merchant from Avatar... Anime's answer to battle the evil messages from Cookie Monster.

This guy lugged around a trolley full of fresh cabbages in a packed convention… Not only did he pick a unique cosplay hopefully, these nerds will learn the joys of vegetables… education is fun!

Supanova Sydney 2013 Cosplay - Black Knight and Cabbage Merchant Man from Avatar

Best Overall Cosplay

This cosplay was insane!

I casually watched/stalked this random cosplayer piecing together his costume. Oddly fascinating.

Fun fact, the lights are USB powered.

This is one of those "obscure" characters from Pokemon. Only obscure in the sense it's not the original cute ones that seemed to be plastered over everything growing up... Yes, referring to you Pikachu.

Supanova Sydney 2013 Cosplay - Pokemon Scizor (2)

Best Group

While the Superhero family is nothing new. I still continue to be incredibly biased – Joys of having a blog! Bonus points for Superman who clearly knows the pose. Train these cosplayers young... nice!

Supanova Sydney 2013 Cosplay -  DC Superheroes - Batman, Catwoman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy

Best Balls

So immature I know.. but what other category could I come up with?

Supanova Sydney 2013 Cosplay -  Dragon Ball Z Balls

Best Random Excuse to Include Them

My brother is a fan of Gandolf. I am a fan of the life-size Lego.

Pure awesomeness. Enough said.

Supanova Sydney 2013 Cosplay -  Gandalf, Lego Man

Did any costumes impress you? Holler for no dollar in the comments!

And of course you can check out more of me fangirling about Cosplay here and Supanova here.

I attended Supanova as a media guest.

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