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Guess what?

*see image below dudes and dudettes*

Cue the cheesy image of the blogger hawking product.

Being inherently immature coupled with my love of events, this is pretty much advocacy on the most perfect level... plus I drink a crap load of water not just to survive, but as in I ALWAYS carry water in my handbag (yes, one of those freaks).

evian have launched their 'Live Young' campaign which encourages us to let out our inner child. With my love of cosplay and collecting random knick knacks (yes, toys)... I am more than happy to let my inner child run wild, without scissors of course.

This month, evian will be launching the Live Young Backyard in Sydney which will be held at Martin Place (September 25) and Bondi Beach (opposite Roscoe St Mall on the 28th).

Here's a sneak peek... I'm totes excited about a pink Hills Hoist clothesline!

Stay tuned for more posts... and awkward posing.

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lucypilz said...

Yeeeaaahh girl. Good on you. So proud. Not going to lie though, a tad jealous. Evian is the only bottled water this lassy drinks. Please tell me you have crates of it too hoarded for the apocalypse haha (no, just me :P)

Excited to hear more :)

Luc xx

Tea said...

Thanks for the tip Luc! I better start hoarding ;)

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