Lady Jayne Beauty Blogger Event

I got my hair did!

Just another Tuesday night ay?

I was invited to attend the Lady Jayne Blogger’s Event held at Barney Martin’s Hairdressing in Surry Hills to see infamous hair and make up artist as well as blogger Max May transform hair, using Lady Jayne accessories of course. Lady Jayne and Max Made have teamed up to do a series of “how to’s” which are super handy for someone who can’t follow written instructions very well (me!).

You can check out the videos here

Lady Jayne Blogger Event Sydney 2013 - Max Made (2)
Max REALLY knows hair! What tip did I learn? Heat molds hair, while being cool ‘sets it.’ It sounds obvious, but when he explained it, it clicked! I finally understood why there is cool setting on blow dryers as well as why my hair has a tendency to go flat after I style it myself.

Lady Jayne Blogger Event Sydney 2013 - Max Made (1)
It wouldn’t be a blogger night without the token food porn shots…

Lady Jayne Blogger Event Sydney 2013 - Pims
Lady Jayne Blogger Event Sydney 2013 - Food
I’ve pretty much always associated Lady Jayne for making good basics. The night was a good opportunity to be introduced to their more trendy and fashionable range, in particularly the metal range which I lurve!

Lady Jayne Blogger Event Sydney 2013 - Products
Us bloggers were treated to getting our hair did which was both exciting and depressing. I rarely get my hair done so to be pampered was really fun BUT I had no where to go other than home after the event!

Lady Jayne Blogger Event Sydney 2013 (8)
My hair tends to go flat very quickly as in within the hour if I try to self style myself! BUT when the expert team at Barney Martin did it, it lasted for about 2 days… even longer if I didn’t feel the need to wash my hair.

My hair was super bouncy and resulted in a lot of hair flicks and the false sense of superiority.

If you’re wondering, I’m wearing a top from The Daily Edited, stripy jumper was gifted from my friend Ingrid and my ability to see is from FCUK from Specsavers.

Lady Jayne Blogger Event Sydney 2013 (9)
I used to think I wasn’t a fan of flowers, until I got them myself. Then I became one of those smug bitches walking in the city with flowers bigger than their head… yes, it felt amazing. Thanks Lady Jayne, my hair and my ego thank you.

Lady Jayne Blogger Event Sydney 2013 - Gift Bag and Flowers
Lady Jayne Blogger Event Sydney 2013 - Barney Martin
The boring stuff: Hello, did you see my hair? can't let that goodness go to waste. I tend to cover events, so of course I’m covering this –  I was gifted some Lady Jayne goodies.


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Love how he did ur hair!!! It looks like such an awesome event to attend to! Lucky you!!!
Im now following u on bloglovin! Hope we can stay in touch :)


Tea said...

I'm very lucky :) Will be checking out your blog!

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