Racinne Australian Launch

 It's always exciting to discover a new brand right? Well let me introduce you to Racinne making it's Australian debut!

Racinne Australian Launch (1)
So back in May (yes, May, there is a reason why it's taken this long to post up), Racinne held their Australian Launch at the O Bar and Dining at Circular Quay to introduce us to the brand and their 2 ranges: the Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series and the Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series.

The Ulimate Aqua Blanc Series is for women who are 30+ which combines 'snow lotus extract' as well as vitamin B3... it just sounds exotic right? This range claims to 'correct enlarged pores, balance oil distribution and reduce dark spots.' Which sounds great to me! I'm under 30 so have not tried this range.

Ultimate Aqua Blanc Boost $42
Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Cream $50
Ultimate Aqua Blanc Britening Masque $37
Ultimate Aqua Blanc Concentrate $51
Ultimate Aqua Blanc Tonic $31

Racinne Australian Launch (3)
The Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series, is for women of all ages. 

Yes! now we're talking. 

I took so long to post this up because as I had never heard of the brand, it needed to build my trust by wooing me. So for the past few months I've been using the range as part of my skincare routine.

Fortunately, no allergic reactions and the range actually feels really gentle against my skin - resulting in soft and supple skin! The range consists of 7 products. And I made sure to use every single one... it took awhile but hey, duty calls.

Advanced Luminous Gel $41
Contour Brightening Eye Care $26
Essentialift Supplement Serum $49
Gentle Cleansing Foam $24
Gentle Refining Scrub $24
Optimal Fortifying Emulsion $39
Ultimate Defense Illuminating Cream $44

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Beauty & brekky? Perfect!

Racinne Australian Launch (5)
Racinne Australian Launch (2)

I attended the launch as a media guest.

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