Backstage: Label Ministry

Backstage... where all the magic happens. Where models are magically transformed from tall skinny swans, but now with a designer wardrobe - yay! So let's take a peek at what goes on behind the curtain...

The Hair and Makeup

Label Ministry featured 8 designers, all of which featured different styles and colours from black to bright yellow. To suit the variety of collections as well as skin types, the makeup featured a natural look thanks to the neutral colour palette. Think nude lips and a subtle smokey eye which suited all the different colours on the runway.

Now onto the hair, featuring a simple ponytail, no elastics in sight thanks to their own hair wrapped around the tie. Easy, effective and we can see the clothes.

Surprisingly the hair is quite easy to get wrong for a some runway show. I loathe having hair let out on the runway... why? because it makes it really difficult to the see the detailing of the back.

Plus the 'simple' ponytail works perfectly with headpieces - like this!

While the models had a neutral colour palette, the designers themselves needed to get done up to be stage ready without those restrictions. So we saw some heaving smokey eye as well as pops of colour.

The amazing hair and makeup was done by the The Australasian College Broadway which was a great opportunity for them to work on a fashion show with emerging and established designers (#sponsored).

I should mention I'm currently the Blogger Advocate for the college as well as being the Official Blogger for Label Ministry - things aligned perfectly right?


Here are some random shots from backstage at Label Ministry that I couldn't quite neatly segway into from the hair and makeup... subtle transition ay?

Gabriel Lee posing with his models/designs

The waiting game...

The model diet.

The perfect way to end this post is by plugging myself..  Sorry (not sorry!)
I'm in a programme (bottom right). 

This is a sponsored post for The Australasian College Broadway

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