Interview with Gabriel Lee

Continuing the series of interviews with some very talented designers taking part in the Label Ministry Runway Show (coming up on Wednesday!). Including Mr Gabriel Lee, whose designs I was introduced to as part of the Raffles Runway Show at Merecedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia earlier this year.

The Interview

How would you describe your label?

The brand Gabriel Lee understands a woman's silhouette and focuses on providing new designs with simple lines, bold details and contemporary edge. I try to create a story for each collection which is linked together as part of whole collection and designs.

Who are your favourite Aussie designers?
I can't name them all! A lot of Australian designers are oozing out their talent on international stages, giving inspirations to people around the world. Australia has its own unique life style and like so it has unique designers with various characters.

Any advice for fashion design students who are looking to kick start their career?
Do not give up just now; give it your best go. One day people who understand you and support you will come. I am in this process too, some day more people will trust in your design and accept it and follow you and your design. Don't forget to enjoy designing.

2 years from now, what would you have liked to have achieved?
There isn't a set goal. I want to be more satisfied with my designs and enjoy designing like I do now. My wish is for people to be happy because of my creations which I designed and have best moments of their lives in my garments that I designed.

What’s your weird quirk? (Yes, because I'm really into geekery)
I like making a story for each collection, it is usually inspired from quite depressing and melancholy topics. This doesn't mean depressing topic = depressing mood in my collection, this topic is turned into my own brightened story to greet the public with.

It would be interesting to express melancholy with bright topics. In some ways it is my revel toward the rules society, and how I want to awaken and warn people who follow the rule the society has made for them to follow. Scare them a little maybe.

This may sound ironic, but I want to be a popular public geek.

Want More?

The Label Ministry Runway Show will be held in Sydney on November 13 (this Wednesday), with tickets on sale now.

You can find out more information on Gabriel Lee at the official website, & social media stalk on Instagram & Facebook.

You'll be able to buy pieces from his collection, when the online store launches next year.

For more coverage of Label Ministry, check it out here!

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