Interview with Yan Zion

Remember how I am the official blogger for Label Ministry? Of course you do. The debut runway show will be held on November 13 in Sydney featuring a host of ah-mazing fashion designers – including the very talented Yan Zion all the way from Western “it’s more expensive to fly there than New Zealand” Australia…

Label Ministry Yan Zion (2)

The Interview

How would you describe your label?
The Yan Zion label is unique because I had the wonderful opportunity to design my own fabrics with the Ozawa Textile Company in Japan. The fabrics are high-end quality, which looks great and they feel great.

Who are your favourite Aussie designers and why?
Perth labels Ruth Tarvydas for bold and edgy designs and Aurelio Costarella for the everlasting beauty aesthetics in his designs.

Who would be your ideal mentor?
Sir Richard Branson because he believes in the people power and that nice guys don’t finish last.

Any advice for fashion design students who are looking to kick start their career?
Be patient and love what you do!

What’s your weird quirk?
I love eating mangoes. At one stage I even turned orange from eating mangoes continuously for days. I thought it was the lighting at one stage but then I had people asking me why I looked so orange… I try not to eat too many these days, well not continuously anyways.

Want more?

The Label Ministry Runway Show will be held in Sydney on November 13, with tickets on sale now.

You can find out more information on Yan Zion at the official website, & social media stalk on Instagram & Facebook.

You can buy pieces online from Via Pzazz (they ship internationally) and 'for reals' at CLeaR Couture in North Perth, WA.

For more coverage of  Label Ministry, check it out here!

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