Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for 2013

With less than a week to go (yes, in the single digits)... If your anything like me you've left your presents (and coincidentally your blog gift guide) to the last minute Here is your gift guide if you're still unprepared.

Disney Princess Forever - PJs

Yes, this is freakin' cute. I'm pretty sure every girl had a soft spot for Disney Princesses growing up and clearly the nostalgia still exists for me. The PJ set has 2 designs Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Snow White. This is the perfect gift as it comes with it's own gift box with the design being the same as the shorts and part of the shirt.

Price: $29
Sizes: 8 to 18
Where: Target

Miss Links Melbourne

Cufflinks for the ladies... I love this idea. It's a great way to add that bit of oomph to the classic work shirt (which can be worn as casual wear). The only 'catch' with this is that you need a French Cuff Shirt to wear cufflinks. Miss Links Melbourne have a ton of designs available ranging from the simple (my preference) to the blinged out. I was lucky to receive this set, that has a bit of subtle bling (ie. Swarovski crystals) in my favourite colour, blue. Thanks to a gorgeous gift box, it makes a great Christmas present BUT it makes an even better back to work present as I don't know a single lady with a set of cufflinks.

Price: $180
Style: Annabelle - Sapphire Bows
Where: Miss Links Melbourne

Benefit - Under My Spell Noelle

Benefit have fragrances - who knew? This fragrance screams Christmas described as a "exotic and glam woody floral." It only comes in a 30ml which is pretty perfect as I've never been able to 'finish' a perfume.

Top notes: cardamom, black pepper, lingonberry
Middle notes: wild orchid, jasmine petals, vanilla flower, fresh rose, soft violet
Bottom notes: patchouli, accord oud, black amber, vanilla beans, benzoin resin, raspberry

Price: $59
Size: EDT 30ml
Where: Benefit Boutiques, Selected Myer

Chapstick Christmas Ornaments

Cute packaging in a handy tin AND it doubles up as a Christmas ornament - sweet! These limited edition tins from Chapstick is available in 3 designs - Glitter, Candy Canes and Peppermint (my fave). Each tin contains 3 Chapsticks including Velvet Cupcake and Candy Cane.

Price: $9.95
Where: Priceline (I think, can't find it on the website)

Colour Theory - Brush Set

How pretty are these brushes? I originally spotted these back in July at the launch of Colour Theory which is exclusive to Australia and super affordable. What I really liked about the set was the colour of the brush heads that make them so unique. It contains 5 brushes with double heads, and comes with the red bow all ready to be given as a present.

Price: $20
Contains: Powder/ Foundation Brush , Cheek / Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Shadow / Smudger Brush, Crease / Liner Brush & Brow/ Lash Brush
Where: Amcal and Amcal Pharmacy

Inika - Enchanted 

This limited edition box set from Inika, which isn't the most widely recognised makeup brand so here's the overview. Inika is a 100% natural band which consists of all the sexy stuff of including minerals, vegan and organic products.

  • Cornflower Eye Shadow
  • Honeycomb Eye Shadow
  • Rosehip Créme Colour
  • Coco Eye Liner
  • Gift of Adventurine Bracelet

Price: $75
Where: Inika

Lush Goodies

Went to the Lush Blogger Event last week to check out what was instore for Christmas... and here are my picks! My personal favourite is the limited edition Snow Fairy shower gel, it smells delicious and super glittery which is pretty much the single deciding factor in the 'favourite' title - it smells that good. It is a overly sweet scent so it might not be to everyone's taste.

I also had to chuck in a mention of Golden Fun, it's gold and it is a 4 in 1 bathtime play-doh. Play with it, use it as a body wash/shampoo, bubble bath and even to wash your clothes - fun!

Snow Fairy
Price: $9.95/$16.50
Size: 100g/250g
Where: Lush

Golden Fun
Price: $9.50
Size: 200g
Where: Lush

Make Up Store - Gloss Lips

It's party season - so out come the lip glosses! Make Up Store's Gloss Lips has a distinct colour (as you can see, the shade is "Past") BUT upon application it's actually transparent with a lot of shine and shimmer.

Price: $27
Size: 10g

One Direction USB

To be clear I'm not a directioner... despite that, I was very stoked to see this 8gb USB for selling less than $5 at Officeworks I actually needed one, this was the cheapest and had the added bonus of proving my immaturity. The perfect gift for the huge fan, closeted fan and haters.

Price: $4.97 (on sale)
Size: 8gb
Where: Officeworks

It's Over

There it is, my gift guide done and dusted! A bit of an eclectic mix of gifts, but that's the beauty of all last minute Christmas shopping. Did any of these make your wishlist? Comment below!

Note that all these products were provided for consideration (except for One Direction) and I did not receive any payment to include them.

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