Lush Christmas Blogger Event

Lush held a Blogger Event at their store in the QVB, Sydney to celebrate Christmas 2 weeks ago (December 9) and introduce us to their limited edition Christmas range.

Yes, the store smelt delicious. The emphasis for Christmas (for me at least) is for what Lush are known for - their bath bombs. These amazingly colourful and heavenly scented concoctions.

We saw demos of some of their bath bombs, pictured below is Candy Mountain, and as demonstrated when you dip your hand (and have the right technique) you can blow a giant bubble! You can check out the video on my Instagram here

We got taught the Japanese art of Furoshiki which sounds very culturally sophisticated but it's just wrapping using a scarf - gorgeous wrapping, can be re-used and evidently quite practical. We got taught how to turn a scarf into a handy bag! This can be done at Lush for $5.50 for the Festive Knot Wraps.

Another activity on the night was witnessing the making of the Cupcake Mask right before our eyes... yes, it smells amazing. Clearly a very fresh product, but the downside is that it only has a shelf life of 3 weeks AND it needs to be refrigerated.

I was a silly goose, I forgot to take pictures of the colourful gift sets instore! Here are some of my favorites with the images clearly 'borrowed' from Lush. You can check out the full range here.

And of course the food... No animal cruelty here!

I attended the Lush Blogger Event as a media guest.

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