Review: Nice’n Easy

Don’t you just love quality mother and daughter time?

I get the lovely ‘opportunity’ to dye her hair at home. The opportunity came up to try out Nice’n Easy which claims to cover 100% greys… So duh, I knew exactly who could be my victim volunteer.

So why wouldn’t use it on myself? I actually LOVE my hair colour so I’ve never dyed my hair permanently. Plus the keyword of grey pretty much told me I wasn’t in the target market. That being said I do know a handful of twentysomethings who may have a few (or several) grey hairs sprouting!

Nice’n Easy

For this review we used Nice’n Easy in shade 113A Natural Dark Burgundy Brown. This product claims to have:
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Long-lasting
  • Level 3 – permanent one application
When it comes to hair dye, we are not brand loyal at all we’ve tried a few different brands. But the key factor is that it is typically some shade of burgundy/dark brown.

So to kick it off, the instructions were easy peasy to follow! An easy 3 step system, with the corresponding numbers printed on the materials.

The pack comes with:

  • Colour-blend formula
  • Colour-blend activator
  • Colourseal intensive conditioner
  • Instructions/gloves

The Results

So did it result in 100% grey coverage? no… I’m not sure if it was my lack of hair dyeing skills or even if there was a lack of product. My mum has long hair so maybe to do the trick it could’ve been to use 2 packs.

But we were still happy with the results as the main areas to care about were covered.

So was it long lasting? They said it lasts up to 8 weeks, Which  was a complete coincidence as it was the exact time we decided we we REALLY needed to cover that grey shizz up (see what we did below). My mum was disappointed it didn’t last longer, despite it being stated on the box. But hey it’s her fault for her hair growing too damn quick (she ruins everything!). Other than that the main ‘area’ of the hair still retained its colour.

The Coverage

We were also sent the Nice’n Easy Root Touch-Up in Dark Brown (4). Unfortunately there was no shade that exactly matched the burgundy shade that my mum clearly has a fondness for so I actally opted for Dark Brown, but the recommend color is actually 6R Light Auburn.

This pack contains:

  • Permanent colour creme'
  • Colour activating lotion
  • Brush
  • Instructions/gloves

This time round it was an easy 2 step system which involved mixing the 2 ingredients together. I must admit when the colour first popped out of the tube I was a bit horrified as it looked like the colour of custard and not at all like a Chocolate Brown that I was expecting. Fortunately, I was reassured in the instructions and sure enough after awhile it did change colour.

By touch up, it claims to last for 3 weeks before you need to go through the whole hair dyeing process again.


It got the job done. My mum loved the colour. Even though the product did live p to it's claim of lasting up to 8 weeks... we would've liked it to last a bit longer as well as a bit more product to cover long hair. A major plus of this 'process' is the easy numbering system.

These product was provided for the purpose of a review.

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