SMASH! 2013 Cosplay Favourites

SMASH! came and went a awhile ago, but fortunately photos live on! After hoarding my favourite images of cosplayers, they are now ready to be unleashed – in the most exciting way possible of course!

The favourites, my unnofficial and not at all regular series highlighting my favourite cosplayers for no particular reason other than that they stand out amongst a sea of obvious and no to obvious characters/creatures/pop culture references.

Let’s go!

Best Mash Up

Deadpool x Pokemon

The attention to detail had to be commended, especially with Pikachu's headgear!

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves - Deadpool with Pikachu Pokemon

Favourite Photo

I just love this randomness. Caught in an embrace while Pokepool (Deadpool x Pokemon) looks on in the background… It feels like it could be a scene straight out of Revenge!

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves - Spiderman Deadpool

Favourite Tuxedo Mask

This guy had a mini Sailor Moon AND he gave me a rose (it was real). He wins!

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves - Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon (2)
An honourable mention goes to this guy, who was more interested in the Deadpool Maid than yours truly...

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves - Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon, Deadpool Maid

Favourite Hair

How epicly perfect are these hairstyles? I know it’s a wig but it must’ve taken a shizer load of hairspray and product to make it look this perfect. Kudos ladies.

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves (6)

Favourite Shoes

These are pretty damn cute shoes. Plus the whole open toed shoes with tights/socks has become a thing now.

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves - Kawaii Girls (1)

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves - Kawaii Girls (2)

Favourite Selfie

Creepy yet cute…

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves - Second Skin

Best. Batman. Ever.

He owned it. He had the stature, the build and best of all his cape did that superhero swoosh as he walked away.

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves - Batman

Favourite Not Anime At All Cosplay

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves - Snow White and Prince

Favourite Arts and Crafts

Every effort into a costume should be commended, but it was until I realised how much effort was put into the umbrella, well that just wowed me. The handle that looks like ice creams was made using styrofoam balls, then the umbrella itself had a sweets including this funky donut.

Smash! 2013 - Cosplay - Faves (8)

Sorry for the delay, but better late than never!

You can check out more geeky cosplay coverage here.

I attended SMASH! as a media guest.

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