My Great Gatsby Costume via Smiffy's

With the theme of "Hollywood" and the realisation I better put some effort into it - I enlisted the help of Smiffy's to dress me for my Work Christmas Party. And yes, they delivered!

You might remember Smiffy's from that time I dressed up as an absolutely adorable sailor (check it out here). Which to me was the PERFECT costume, it was the perfect fit, had the right colours and I just loved it - unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to work it into the Hollywood theme... so needed something else!

Possibly the most popular 'theme' for 2013 according to an unofficial visual survey in my mind, had to be The Great Gatsby with it's 1920's flapper style coming back with a vengeance! Even at the station I saw people I did not work with dressed in that garb.

So I opted for the All That Jazz costume in size 6-8 which comes with a flower headpiece, to be honest I really wanted THIS but it was sold out! Along with a black satin headband (sold out last minute so was substituted with this) and a fake pearl necklace.

Due to a last minute order on my behalf, I got my order in a nick of time! I literally tried it on the first time I had to wear it and fortunately all was well. Smiffy's seems to be pretty true to size for me - 2 out of 2 is pretty good!

Here's the "pro" images from the Smiffy's website. As you can see it's pretty much exactly what I got! The costume fit very well (as you can see, duh!) BUT I did feel like the dress was a wee bit too short even though the photos look fine. Due to the stretchy material, it probably felt shorter than it was. I LOVED the look of the front of the costume but the back not so much. I didn't like the look of the ribbon so opted to go backless - not ideal but I thought it looked better without it.

Overall I was happy with my costume, and happy enough to wear it on the night itself!

By the way, this post is one of the rare few that actually features iPhone photos only and it shows - sorry! Fortunately, this is one step closer to ticking off the "cosplay" resolution for 2014!

The products featured were provided by Smiffy's for review purposes.

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