Review: Empire Spiegelworld in Sydney 2014

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In short I loved it.

Empire is pretty much a circus for adults - full of amazing and unique acts, intertwined with very adult humour. Spoiler alert, within the first 5 minutes of the show we were 'treated' to full frontal nudity in a comedicly crass way. Now if you're reaction is along the lines of being horrified, this show is probably not for you... moving on.

Like a circus, there is no storyline, with hosts/ringmasters being the overly randy, extroverted yet hilarious couple, Oscar and Fanny and acts.

Now I'm not going to give a mini review on each act because that ruins the element of surprise and anticipation but if you are keen to know more the official website lists each act.

My favourite act had to be the roller-skating duo, Blue Tarpoleon and Polka Dot Woman (clearly not their real names). It was one of those acts where I was on the edge of my seat, held my breath, and hoped nothing would go wrong (it didn't). Imagine a tiny circular stage with them roller-skating on it... really really really fast... and doing tricks. My words can't capture what they did, but trust me that it is amazing and unlike anything I have ever seen before. Plus it doesn't hurt that they are both extremely good looking (bonus points!).

All the acts on the night all had their own unique talent, some I had never seen before while others had elements that were familiar but had a unique twist on it that made it new to me. Like the trio of Gorilla Girls, essentially acrobatics (banquine) ... but you know with gorilla masks, lingerie and tons of bending and snapping.

Like anything that is high stakes - it is very foreseeable someone could get extremely hurt if things go wrong. There were a few mistakes /boo boos on the night... fortunately, nothing serious! But this just makes it more human and even more impressive what they can do even when it's not 100% perfect.

When I walked out of the show I was happy. Until I realised 2 acts from the lineup were missing (just happened to be on the night I attended!), but they had a good reason. Half Naked Asian Dude Wearing Pigtails recently had a baby.

While the 'star' of the key promo photos, Miss A in a Bubble who unfortunately had an injury and needed a breather that night. It was a disappointment considering I saw a giant ball hanging over my head the entire night and I was just waiting for the ball to drop... it never did. The show didn't suffer due to their absence BUT it was a case of FOMO Fear of Missing Out... which I did. If you're catching the show she should be back on by now.

The show was held in a gorgeous Spiegeltent with the 360 degree stage being surprisingly quite small (it's even more amazing to see what the performers can do with it!). It is a very intimate show and the cast working well with the stage to ensure their back wasn't turned to a given side for too long.

So yes, this was one of those overly positive reviews that I actually couldn't find much of a fault in. It probably 'my' type of show and easily makes it one of the top shows I've seen in the past few years along with the Blue Man Group and Legally Blonde. It is one of the few shows that I would be happy to see again!

The Details

This is where we get into the sexy stuff of what tickets to book... ohhh yeah....

I highly recommend being in row G if possible (premium ringside), the benefit is that it is slightly elevated which meant more leg room and a good view of the show. If you're not a fan of being a 'volunteer' or attention, I would suggest you avoid the front row and the aisles. If you are an gentleman of the vintage variety, you have a much higher chance of having a bit of attention coming your way... from both sexes. This could either be your dream or your worst nightmare. Whatever floats your boat really.

The show 'recommends' you need to be 15 and over... being an innocent and delicate flower myself I would recommend 18 and over. I would not recommend going with your family, not matter what age they/you are.

Showtimes (subject to change)

Monday: No show
Tuesday: 7.30pm
Wednesday: 7.30pm
Thursday: 7.30pm
Friday: 7.30pm & 9.30pm
Saturday: 7.30pm & 9.30pm
Sunday: 7pm

Ticket prices range from $49 to $149. If you go Tuesday to Thursday it's a bit cheaper as well!

Show is approximately 90 minutes long, no toilet breaks - so keep it in.

You can book tickets here.

I attended Empire as a media guest.

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