Review of Circus Oz: Cranked Up in Sydney

Now for something different... A show for all ages.

Circus Oz: Cranked Up is pretty much as family friendly as it gets so if you have young children, you shouldn't have anything to worry out. Now if your an adult (like me) without any kids (lucky us!) you can still enjoy the show as well but it was pretty tame and clearly geared towards a much younger audience, if you appreciate more adult humour you could prefer seeing Empire which is full of adult humour, including nudity... So yeah, very different types of circuses.

Circus Oz has been around for over 35 years, and features no animals. The theme of "Cranked Up" featured the setting of a construction site  despite the show taking place in an actual Circus tent in Tumbalong Park, Darling Habour in Sydney.

This show is very Aussie but still suitable for locals, and being at the tourist mecca of Darling Harbour, it is perfect for tourists.

The show consisted of the most Aussie accents I've heard in awhile, along with having Aboriginal cast members (which made me realise that they are really underrepresented in entertainment!), and a unique Kangaroo costume. I loved that they openly had an Aboriginal flag housed on top of the Circus tent as well as a cast member wearing a denim on denim ensemble with a flag etched in the back.

The show featured acts and tricks that were pretty in line with a typical circus, except taken to the next level compared to the local suburban circus (which I love too, by the way). Think juggling, trapeze, magic, physical comedy and tons of acrobatics all of which was translated to work with the set of a construction site.

What was impressive was the cast that really took on multiple roles which included being able to trapeze, do acrobatics, act, even be in the band and of course, have their own unique talent. Music was intregal to this show, with the band being on stage the whole time with an epic drum performance as well as the piano that had moments to be their own performance with the physical comedy taking a smaller focus.

There were a few 'defined' characters, the stand out being Dez the manly bogan with a bit of glam campy style thrown in with a mullet on top with a bit of resemblance to Andrew Rannells, the former star of the Book of Mormon and The New Normal.

In terms of the highlights for me (and my brother) it was the magicians - I have a thing for magic. As well as Tom Davis who works his skills by juggling bowling hats.

A major kudos and a bit of a heart warming moment was at the end of the show, they thanked the audience and asked for donations (not forced) to support refugees and asylum seekers.

Overall, I enjoyed the show BUT a would like it to be a bit more like Shrek to make it more entertaining for adults without alienating the kids.

Circus Oz is playing until January 27 in Sydney, then moves onto David, California in America for the 8th and 9th of February. You can book tickets here.

I attended Circus Oz as a media guest.

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