Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi Beach 2013

This was sooo 2013! But the stunning view from Bondi Beach is good all year round, right?

Sculpture by the Sea has been on my must visit list for a long time, but due to it's short time frame being around, the crowds and being a bit of a trek there was always an easy excuse to not go... until now.

Me and a friend who is crazy like me actually went twice once in the afternoon on a weekend (bad idea), so to properly enjoy what was there decided to get there at 6.30am to beat the crowds. It worked!

These photos have NOT been Photoshopped/retouched (but has been resized/cropped) - as something as beautiful as Bondi really doesn't need it be. I love Sydney and this is a must see if you haven't seen it for yourself (and yes, I plan to go this year).

To get things started, here was my personal favourite:

Yes, it's me... Sculpture by the Sea will be back in Bondi on 23 October to 9 November 2014.

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Anonymous said...

I missed out last year. Love the stairway to heaven

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