My Pretty Shady Summer

It's ALMOST the end of Summer... Can you believe it?

My New Year's Resolution was to wear more sunscreen even if I'm not headed to the beach. Thanks to the persistent messages throughout my life from government organisations reminding us to "Slip, Slop and Slap" and "there's nothing fashionable about a tan." I was very well aware that I need a bit of SPF in my life.

This year, the awareness campaign came in the form of the uber fashionable Pretty Shady campaign, which you may have seen me frequently wearing the shirt throughout the Summer (I'm a chronic outfit repeater!).

Here are the goods I've been using throughout the Summer and intend to use throughout those sporadic bursts of Summer days until Winter. Plus the added bonus is that sunscreen is apparently the best form of anti-aging care... which makes it pretty damn affordable as well!

The Everyday

Banana Boat's Everyday Sunscreen with SPF 30+ is my go-to for hot days when I'm on my way to work or just out and about. I have sensitive skin so Banana Boat's Sensitive Suncreen is what I was using last  year before realising I didn't tend to have a reaction to sunscreen's in general - awesome!

The Face

On my lips I'm using Mary Kay's Lip Protector SPF 15 which is perfect to use alone or with some lippie. At $21 in Australia, it's a bit pricey so for a more affordable alternative there's always Blistex.

I loved using Palmer's BB Cream last year but unfortunately the 2 shades available were either too light or too dark for my skin. This year I've been using Olay's new Fresh Effects BB Cream with SPF 15 in Light to Medium and it is PERFECT for my (Asian) skin tone. Unfortunately, it probably isn't ideal for ladies with darker skin as there are only 2 shades available in Australia in Fair to Light, and Light to Medium.

The Beach

My FAVOURITE thing to do during the Summer is to head down to the beach!

I'm very blessed as I rarely get sun burnt (even without wearing Sunscreen) but whenever I go to the beach I'm practically religious about ensuring that I wear sunscreen as it's the best form of anti-aging care AND I don't need anymore freckles/moles.

This Summer I've been living with Neutrogena's Beach Defence with SPF 50 AND it's water resistant. Plus a few bonus points should be awarded for the packaging is bright and just screams Summer.

The Boo Boos

In case you didn't follow all of the above or you just have a tendency to burn easily... there's always Banana Boat's Aloe Mist Spray which is perfect when your skin is too sensitive to touch!

This post contains product that were provided for editorial consideration. 

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