Yoko Ono Exhibition at MCA Sydney

Living at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney for the Summer is Yoko Ono's exhibition, War is Over! (If You Want It).

Featuring her artwork from the 1960's which embody the message of peace through film, sculptures, installations and participatory artworks.

My personal favourite artwork is Balance Piece.

Like most modern art, the term 'art' may be subjective. Some were creative and had me intrigued while others had me confused... like an Apple being displayed. Unfortunately, I didn't take a decent photo of that but imagine a green Granny Smith apple on display with the sign "Apple."

One of the 'participatory artworks' includes My Mommy is Beautiful where visitors can create colourful notes of love, drawings, origami and photos, all of which is taped it to the wall. As the exhibition is nearing it's end in Sydney, as you can imagine the wall is completely packed with love notes which made it a beautiful sight.

The exhibition ends THIS Sunday! So if this has been on your "to do" list time is running out to catch it with tickets costing $19.90 for adults. If you can't make it, reading this post is the next best thing right?

I attended the exhibition as a media guest.

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