Mavi Autumn Winter 2014 Launch Party

Last week I headed to Mavi HQ in Beaconsfield, Sydney to check out the launch of the brand-spankin new Autumn Winter 2014 collection.

Now for those that are unfamiliar with Mavi it is all about jeans and the word "Mavi" actually means blue in Turkish, and in case you didn't know blue is my favourite colour = match made in heaven! The brand originated in Istanbul, Turkey and random fact, that just happens to be where the Spice Girls had their first ever concert, I own the official VHS... moving on! #fangirl

Described as a "Turkish encounter" they really delivered! Their HQ was fully decked out. There was even a spice market with a TON of all different spices. The gorgeous rich colours added that extra that lil' somethin' somethin' to the launch.

But the definite icing on the metaphorical cake was these ladies HAND MAKING fresh, delicious and authentic gozleme, it was perfection.

Normally I leave the token food porn shots till the end, after all it is all about fashion darling... BUT the level of detail to have insanely delicious Turkish food deserves to be bumped up.

Of course there had to be Turkish Delight but that wasn't the best part...


Possible one of the best things that I have ever wolfed down delicately eaten was this. A vanilla cream on rosewater meringue with pistachio fairy floss. It tastes even better than it looks.

Complete coincidence that I was wearing a blue nail polish, it's by Scout Cosmetics in "You Oughta Know". (#gifted)

Now after embarking on that Turkish food adventure, back to the jeans. Fortunately, they have a variety of different styles with different levels of stretchiness, which helps with any potential food babies. My personal favourite styles are the Alexa (mid rise, super skinny), the Serena (low rise, super skinny) and the Kylie (for the the shorties).

And now the social shot. Wearing FCUK from Specsavers and Cotton On (#IBoughtItAll). Also I can't wait till the day I meet someone who is shorter than me and not a child, until then here I am with the the tall and lovely Jacquii Lie from Couture Caddy.

Thank you to Mavi for having me as a media guest.

Let me know in the comments about your love or hate affair with jeans shopping OR tell me how awesome this post is - your choice! 

 Photos that look way too good (untagged) are by the professionals and courtesy of Mavi.

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