I'm Blue...

Clearly, my favourite colour is blue. So when discovering the denim brand Mavi (shop Mavi here) literally means Blue in Turkish - it was pretty much destined that I would heart the brand!

I was asked to take part in a blogger challenge and in the wise words of the Legen(wait-for-it)dary Barney Stinson...


Being 5 feet short, it is notoriously difficult for me to find a decent pair of jeans that fit properly AND don't have to be altered... until now.

Shorties everywhere... let me introduce you to Mavi's Kylie described as a "mid-rise, super skinny crop." It is ridiculously soft and I would encourage you to cop a feel the next time you go to David Jones or Just Jeans.

At 28 inches 'long,' it was still about 1-2 inches long for me so I simply just tucked the bottom of the jean in, and it stays put thanks to the stretchiness/tightness - no need for any alterations!

The top is actually a really short dress from Luvalot (#hatethenamealot) that I simply tucked the excess fabric under to get rid of about 25cm of length. My favourite colour combination is blue and white, while the print I absolutely love that actually reminds me of traditional Turkish vases. A complete impulse buy that actually paid off while waiting impatiently for a friend to arrive.

Jeans: Mavi - Kylie Rinse Gold Pop (#gifted)
Top: Luvalot
Shoes: De Lourve

Oh, and these jeans are pretty damn comfy and easy to move in...

The jeans that have given me an "Oh what a feeling" moment were gifted from Mavi.

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