Mary Kay Autumn Colour Collection Launch

A few weeks ago I headed to the launch of Mary Kay's Fairytales & Fantasy Autumn Colour Collection bright and early in the morning, held at the hipster hotspot in The Grounds of Alexandria.

The weather was absolutely awful but the sight of these babies clearly made it well worth the trek...

You might not have heard of Mary Kay especially if you live in the city as they are a 'direct sales' beauty brand - think of those catalogs that appear at your doorstep (along the likes of Avon).

Now you must be thinking, who on earth orders from a catalog nowadays? Well, Mary Kay have gotten with the times and in touch with the younger consumers with their online store, Mary Kay Direct - easy!

Mary Kay have launched a new colour collection, Fairytales and Fantasy that consists of Smoke & Shimmer Eye Wands (4 shades, $22 each), Kohl Eyeliners (2 shades, $18 each), Glossy Lip Stains (2 shades, $24 each) and Nail Lacquers (2 shades, $38 each).

Now onto the most important meal of the day...

And one more piece of flower porn...

I attended the launch as a media guest.

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Wow everything looks just beautiful
Sounds like you had fun

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