MBFWA 2014: Gail Sorronda 'Mermaids Exist' + Backstage

I never imagined that Disney would grace the runways for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, but it happened.

After receiving the invite for Gail Sorronda's return to MBFWA and noticing that Disney was one of the key sponsors - it wasn't too difficult to figure out what the collaboration was for...

The. Little. Mermaid. #squeal

Growing up a Disney fangirl, and in particularly The Little Mermaid playing a memorable role in my childhood being exposed to the cuteness of Flounder, the wisdom of Sebastian and being scared s***less by Ursula. Ahhh... memories...

The show opened with a gorgeous performance from the Queensland Ballet... You can watch a snippet of their performance here via my Instagram.

Flash on (I didn't do it!)... and off.

For me, The Little Mermaid is about a red-headed mermaid who finds "true love" but as we know shallow waters run deep. Gail Sorronda looked way more deeply than I did with her collection Mermaids Exist: As Above / So Below that "looks at the equal and opposite reactions of life, such as masculine and feminine, dark and light, intellectual and emotional, and macrocosms versus microcosms..."

Let's check out her oh-so-fashionable interpretation of this childhood classic...


I was invited backstage to see how the magic is made before it hit the runway... With some ground rules!

I could barely fit into the room while the models got prepped. Hair was by Redken and makeup by M.A.C.


Sweetaholic Beauty said...

Wow this looks awesome! xx

Unknown said...

Actually always loved ursula. The villainesses are usually quite fabulous, rocking tight black gowns while squeezing bright red lipstick out of living creatures and all.

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