Brick Show Sydney 2014: The Simpson's LEGO 'Springfield' Neighbourhood

The Brick Show delivered...

Held annually in Sydney, to showcase work with 'bricks' in most cases LEGO. My first venture was successful as I was overly impressed at the attention to detail and creativity. So why not kick off the coverage of my personal favourite? The Simpson's neighbourhood built out of LEGO, which was full of epicness and references to the 'core' characters and appearances by the infamous B-team.

My photos do not do this justice, but to get an idea of how extensive this neighbourhood was, you should watch the short clip I posted to Instagram here.

So let's start off with The Simpson's family home...

As much of the neighbourhood I could fit into one shot! It even includes Mr Burn's gigantic mansion and Krusty Burger!

The Church, can you spot Ned Flander's?

The neighbourhood even featured the Crazy Cat Lady!

 Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?


Can you spot Maggie? #whoshotMrBurns

And what better way to end the tour than with a nice cold Duff Beer with Homer Simpson at his favourite hangout, Moe's Tavern.

 I attended the Brick Show as a media guest.

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