Mother's Day Gift Guide: Ideas Under $70

Mother's Day is just around the corner!

If you're anything like me you leave you're gift shopping until the very last minute. If that's you, you're in luck here are some last minute gift ideas - all under $70

The Basket

I love creating 'compilation' gifts where I gather some small items to create one super gift. I love creating the DIY hamper and what better place to house these items than this gorgeous 'Rosie' basket from Market Basket*?

The 'Rosie' features red leather, fabric lining and is surprisingly quite big, so it can fit alot more than you would think!

Bonus Points: The Rose detail just screams Mother's Day doesn't it?
RRP: $65
Available: Market Basket

The Hair

I love gift sets. They just make everything so darn easy.

This is a limited edition Mother's Day gift pack from evo*, think of it like a gift with purchase as the shampoo + conditioner retail for $29.95 each. So for the same price of $59.90 in total, you also get this fun kitschy toiletry bag and shower cap. The shower cap is pretty impressive and not the $2 shop quality I was anticipating. It's got a sweet terry lining as you're mane is too good to touch plastic.

Contains: Gluttony Shampoo 300ml, Bride of Gluttony Conditioner 300ml, Toiletry Bag + Shower Cap
Bonus Points: Does not test on animals, 100% recyclable + paraben free - sweet!
RRP: $59.90
Available: Salons only check them out here or online at Adore Beauty.

The Body

Let me introduce you too... Antipodes*, an organic brand created and made in the exotic country of New Zealand. The Joyful Hand & Body Cream smells amazing - a not-too sweet scent thanks to wild blackcurrant berry and hibiscus flower.

Unfortunately using Antipodes is unlikely to magically transform yourself or your mother into Elle Macpherson but you will be closer to having oh-so-smooth skin.

Oh yeah, this is perfect to put in that super awesome hamper that you're building for Mother's Day.

Bonus Points: Certified organic, using 100% natural ingredients + gorgeous scent.
Size: 120ml
RRP: $34
Available: Antipodes

The Bath

Something a bit fun for bath times. This is the 'Mum Tulip' which also has the scent of Sex Bomb bath bomb - yeah, let's not think about that too much regarding mothers, ay?

Bonus Points: Probably the nicest brand on the block - I am completely biased towards Lush and love the fact that despite their massive expansion they've stuck to their core values of being against animal testing.
Size: 75g
RRP: $9.95
Available: Lush

The Food

If you're anything like me and cooking for your mum is a bit of a rarity, as let's face it you'll never be half as good as her, treating her to a home cooked meal would mean a lot. It doesn't have to be particularly amazing but the fact that YOU made it - means a lot more. Plus it's a 'thought that counts' gift and is easily adaptable according to your budget.

Now onto dessert... The first time I made a Cheesecake, it was AMAZING. Honestly, the perfect mix of cheese to biscuit, the right level of sweetness and close to perfection. Unfortunately since then, I haven't able to recreate the magic and have found it a lot easier (and even in some cases cheaper!) to just buy what I want. For those who don't want to burn the house down, the Cheesecake Shop* is for you! I'm actually not a massive cake person BUT there is always the exception, and that is oh-sweet-jeebus... a Cheesecake.

Size: Full
RRP: $24.95
Available: Cheesecake Shop

The Plant

Terrariums are 'everywhere'. But my Mum doesn't seem to share the same fascination as I do. She is however, a massive fan of those Bamboo plants that really only require water. Super easy to take care of and an inexpensive gift.

You can get a potted one with a 'design' for only $24.98 at Bunnings OR you can do a bit of DIY and just buy the plant from Bunning's or Paddy's Market in Sydney for about $3-8 (depends where you go, type and if you're nice). Recycle a nice glass bottle (as that's hipster cool right now AND environmentally friendly) and buy some stones from the local $2 shop - easy!

Terrariums: Lime Tree Bower
Bamboo Plant: Bunnings

Items marked with an * were provided for editorial consideration. I only chose products that I knew my Mum/myself would love. Yes, she's going to have a pretty awesome Mother's Day.

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