Review: Axis of Awesome 'Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas'

The Sydney Comedy Festival is upon us! The annual event is held over April/May featuring a slew of international and local acts who are letting us get our haha's on.

My first show of the festival was for Axis of Awesome with their first gig for the festival at The Concourse in Chatswood for their show Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas (Coldplay X Ricky Martin X Elvis). Self described as "The World’s Most Awesomest Comedy Band" you kind of know what humour you're in for right? It's a bit silly, immature, crude, musical and nerdy - perfect for me!

If you're thinking, hey they sound familiar, you might remember Four Chords, you know that song that manages to prove that practically every hit has the same structure? Well, that little ditty that just happens to have over 30 million views on Youtube at time of writing.

So yes, Four Chords was played. Moving on...

The band consists of:
  • Jordan Raskopoulos the lead singer/Jack Black look-a-like.
  • Benny Davis the 'human jukebox' on keys & backup singer, who is the band's punching bag due to being vertically challenged which is reminiscent of Little Bitch from BASEketball.
  • Lee Naimo on guitar & "way way back up vocals" who plays the role of the tall one/not-so-bright one. 

The show runs for about an hour and now I have to do that thing where I try to review the show without actually ruining it for people who want to see it. So if you enjoy a healthy dose of pop culture you should enjoy this show featuring odes to Nintendo, Game of Thones, 90's love songs (#meaninglesswhisper), and my vice, Candy Crush - they have you covered.

Just a heads up that the "C" word was thrown around for a skit. Personally, not a fan of that BUT I don't seem to have a problem with the word d***head being thrown around. I came to the realisation that I am selectively sexist and need to take a good hard look at myself (#thatwaspunny).

Expect to see a show with high energy, high-5's, physical comedy and Katy Perry's "Roar."

Now... a trip down memory lane.

I was introduced to the Axis of Awesome way back in 2009. I was loitering at the Melbourne Comedy Festival Hub and a random dude (Benny) with a melodica introduced his band and offered to serenade play whatever song we wanted.

It worked. #takeallmymoney

It ended up being my highlight of the Festival and little did I know that it would be foreshadowing a future fashion trend with the guitarist wearing a Scooby Doo costume way before onsies became a thing.

To experience awesomeness for yourself and to discover #chanking the latest move that's set to take over twerking, you can check upcoming tour dates here.

Sydneysiders you can check out the Axis of Awesome this weekend (May 10 and 11) at the Metro Theatre as well as check out the entire line-up for the Sydney Comedy Festival here.

I attended this show as a media guest. 

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