Review: Menulog

Now for something a bit different... but not really.

As you know I do enjoy embarking on the 'art' of food photography. As you can clearly see through my Instagram and event coverage.

This is a bit of a food review but I was actually quite interested in the usability side of the website as well. There was the opportunity to try out Menulog along with the tempting offer to get a partially free dinner (I paid the difference).

Happy to say that Menulog is pretty easy to use, it works on both desktop and mobile friendly. You simply plug in your location, and it comes up with options for delivery and pick up in your area. If you choose 'pick up' there are a ton more options. You can select the time for pick up/delivery as well as customise your order (more on that later).

Menulog makes it easy to compare restaurants by out a variety of places, having all their menus and prices handy, and what offers are available like including 10% off your first order - yes, I'm easily tempted by offers.

Since I was ordering for a suburban area on the Central Coast vs. Sydney it meant there was a lot less choice in terms of cuisine and restaurants as the vast majority of options were for Asian (Chinese, Thai) and Indian food. While Surry Hills has Italian, Lebanese, sandwiches, and even alcohol delivery! But I'm sure as the website expands the variety will too.

I knew the meal would be pretty substantial so I got my family on board. So we picked Mohr Indian Restaurant in Ourimbah. As we've ordered there before, it was good enough to come back.

We ordered:
Butter Chicken $15.95
Beef Vindaloo $16.50
Naan Bread $2.75

In case you're wondering where is the rice, since we're Asian and essentially have a lifetime supply stocked at home, we didn't need to order it.

My Dad LOVES Beef Vindaloo and this one got his tick of approval. Me? regardless of where it's from not so much, I mean why waste stomach space when you could have...

Butter Chicken! My weakness, and this one was PERFECT. The perfect consistency, texture, mix of spices and that special X-factor in food that just makes you want to inhale it very quickly. It was beautiful. We all gave it our seal of approval.

Now fun fact, we've all been to India. I've spent probably just under 6 months in my life there. So throughout my life I've tasted the Western versions, the 'authentic' version in India itself (a bit too spicy for me) as well as those from the packet, and this version was definitely at the top tier.

Throughout ordering it had prompts on the website where for the Vindaloo we could pick Beef or Lamb, while for the Butter Chicken we could pick the level of spiciness.

So overall the experience was good, it was easy to order, to customise and great communication. But if Menulog want repeat business from those out in the 'burbs they definitely need to expand the range of cuisines available.

A voucher was provided by Menulog to try their website with the difference being paid by myself. This is NOT a sponsored post. I did this review as I wanted to test the functionality of the website and dip my toe into food blogging. And now I'm hungry again.

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