Schwarzkopf Professional's BLONDME Launch

So I went to a launch... specifically for Blondes.

For anyone who knows me I have very dark brown/black hair with no intention to change that. So why was I there?

I tend to have angry pangs of jealousy a fascination with things I don't have... like Blonde hair and long eyelashes. The closest I have ever gone to being Blonde is momentarily toying with the idea of having the infamous Ombré

Going blonde is notoriously difficult to have and maintain (according to the blondes in my life), so Schwarzkopf Professional have re-launched their BLONDME range to make it easier to maintain your mane.

The range consists of:

Keratin Restore Blonde Shampoo (for all Blondes) 250ml $29.95
Keratin Restore Blonde Conditioner (for all Blondes) 200ml $29.95
Keratin Restore Blonde Mask (for all Blondes) 200ml $29.95
Shine Enhancing Spray Conditioner 150ml $29.95
Colour Enhancing Blonde Shampoo (for Cool-Ice Blondes) 250ml $29.95
Colour Correcting Spray Conditioner (for Cool-Ice Blondes) 150ml $29.95
Colour Enhancing Blonde Shampoo (for Rich-Caramel Blondes) 250ml $29.95

The launch was held at Uccello (part of The Ivy) with Sydney clearly bringing on the amazing weather that day.

 As well as a fresh breakfast to kick off a Monday morning!

I attended the launch as a media guest.

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