Hair Expo 2014: GenNext Gala presented by AVEDA

Even though Victoria's Hair is the epitome of fabulous hair, we all know that this is not an easy feat for us mere mortals... So imagine the amount of time and intricate design involved in the GenNext Gala that was part of Hair Expo featuring and up & comers of the hair industry with their creations reaching epic proportions.

The main act for the night was 'The Greatest Show on Mother Earth' (a claim by them!) that was sponsored by AVEDA which was a fusion of fashion, the circus ( with an environmental message as well as the 'star', the hair.

So sit back & enjoy, and in the wise words of Britney Spears (ok, it's really her songwriter), Everybody gonna trip, Just like a circus!

I attended the GenNext Gala as a VIP guest of AVEDA.

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