La Roche-Posay Redermic [R] Launch

Beauty just like fashion tend to have trends, from the BB Creams (to DD!), crayons to falsies. A 'trend' that seems to making its way across skincare (that I wholly support) is making us aware of the damage that the harsh Australian sun can do to our skin!

The best way is of course prevention, BUT for those of us who used to get cocky because they rarely got sunburnt (yes, that's me), there's clearly some damage there thanks to not using sunscreen growing up.

The latest product to come from La Roche-Posay, is the Redermic [R] Dermatological Corrective Concentrate which sounds quite scientific (for someone who knows nothing about science) but in a nutshell is 'Retinol for sensitive skin.'

Their latest product claims to be:
  • Suitable for everybody including those with sensitive skin as it is paraben-free and hypo-allergenic.
  • It's an anti-aging concentrate
  • Smothes out fine lines/wrinkes
  • Fades hyperpigmentation
  • Re-plumps skin
Since that media briefing, I have made a massive effort to wear sunscreen, even during Winter! Apparently sunscreen is best (& possibly cheapest) form of anti-ageing - so slip, slop, slap!

While you stew on your guilt on treating your skin badly, indulge in some emotional eating, of the digital variety:

Fun fact: I was super impressed with was that on the packaging of their products, they actually have Braille imprinted on the box!

The Redermic [R] Dermatological Corrective Concentrate  is out now at Priceline.

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