City2Surf 2014: Taking the Scenic Route

Guess who made the decision to do the City2Surf less than a week before the actual event?

Well judging by that extremely long rhetorical question, it was me.

Since it was pretty evident I did no training whatsoever, I decided to consiously take the scenic route - taking my sweet time checking out the sights and sounds during a mere 14km walk from Hyde Park (the city) to Bondi Beach. Enjoy, after all my pain is your gain.

But of course all this effort and sweat was worth it to get my participation medal... ta-da! But there were other highlights and observations on the way...

At the starting line was Redfoo...

I clearly had a moment with a certain minion...

I was completely blown away by the level of effort of the costumes which was convention worthy! Not only were some heavy, intricate and creative costumes... they also had to suffer actually doing the entire 14km!

I decided to go the more conventional route with my attire - but featured a ton of bright neon colours:

  • Bright green - This year I was supporting Canteen
  • Bright pink - Lady Jayne, Fitbit, Miss Frou Frou Nail Polish
  • Bright blue - Tully Lou Parna Pants, Reebok Sneakers

The Lady Jayne Sports Luxe collection arrived in my desk in a knick of time! This limited edition range, was the perfect fit for my City2Surf look. I've completely converted to Lady Jayne vs. the cheap stuff as I have NEVER had an elastic of theirs randomly snap on me or tear my hair. Plus it's the perfectly fashionable way to get my sweat on (ewww!).

Normally I don't wear too much pink but this was the exception as it perfectly matched my Fitbit (on loan). I'm trialing the Fitbit for a few weeks, and it's a nifty wristband/pedometer which syncs to your iPhone to monitor activity - I easily beat the 10,000 step minimum during the City2Surf!

Nothing like a little motivation...

 The aftermath, way too tired to enjoy the view!

The Lady Jayne Sports Luxe collection was gifted. The Fitbit is on loan.

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