Free Comic Book Day Sydney 2014

Every year, on the first Saturday of May  your token comic book guys (and gals) head to their mecca, the Comic Book store to indulge in Free Comic Book Day (May 3, 2014).

Yes, they are still around, there are a handful of stores in Sydney and this is a belated post.

I hit up King's Comics, Kinokuniya and Comic Kingdom in one day to make the most out of Free Comic Book Day and to help with my quest to be on Hoarders. There were over a dozen 'free' comics on offer, but obviously there are limits which varied depending on which store you went to. These 'free' comics are 100% free (no need to spend) BUT I would describe them as being a more slim version of a 'real' comic that you would purchase.

King's Comics was my first stop, which involved a lovely 2 hour wait in the cold and missing out on the very last Krispy Kreme being handed out... Doh! Yes, I was gutted. On the plus side, the waiting around time was essentially Cosplay photography time (#silverlining)... Enjoy.

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