McPherson's Health and Beauty Markets Beauty Bloggers Event

Imagine this.

You walk into a store (or a market in this case). Someone hands you a bag and tells you to fill it up.

Dream. Come. True.

This totally happened.

The McPherson's Health and Beauty Markets held at the hipster hotspot, The Grounds of Alexandria allowed us Beauty Bloggers to check out the brands from McPhersons such as Manicare, Revitanail, & Lady Jayne to sort us out with all the necessities across skincare, nails, grooming & more - crazy! The perfect opportunity to indulge in complete and utter beauty gluttony.

This really was an all-you-can-eat occasion, beauty style with no calories & the self-loathing. It quickly turned normal functioning beauty bloggers into walking pinatas full of product.

Like any elite shopper, you need your fuel.

So happy - pictured with Angie & Nella.

A sneak peek of the haul...

I attended the Mcphersons Market as a media guest.
Untagged images are courtesy of McPhersons.

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