Review - Air Sex: The Movie

Let’s talk about sex, baby…

I attended the world premiere of Air Sex: The Movie  (15 August 2014) as part of the Possible Worlds U.S. & Canadian Film Festival being held in Sydney. And I must admit, I had never heard of the term ‘air sex’ but as I soon discovered it’s similar to air guitar… minus the guitar and replace it with dirty/awkward/uncomfortable/realistic/crazy simulated sex without any nudity.

Are you intrigued?

Of course you are, you perv!

This film has a topic so bizarre and intriguingly uncomfortable, I felt compelled to write a review, for the sake of public interest. You’re welcome.

Having extremely limited knowledge of the film, I relied solely on the blurb on the Possible Worlds website. I had a feeling with the movie I was setting myself up for potentially 3 states:

1. Being completely disappointed
2. Being ‘meh’
3. Having my mind unexpectedly and completely blown.

It’s like the Kinder Surprise of movies and just like the real act of sex itself.

The verdict?

Number 3. It is hilarious and coincidentally, very unsexy.

Air Sex: The Movie is a documentary that shows the trial and tribulations of the Air Sex Championships, a prestigious title for the winner that unfortunately is unlikely to reap the rewards of having actual sex with non-air but fortunately has a zero chance in resulting in an STD – yay!

It goes through the minds of the contestants – those that planned ahead to enter, those that just decided then and there and previous champions.

Self-described as poking fun at the whole notion of sex minus the emotions. It’s pretty hilarious. It would be natural to imagine the competition just dabbling in the porn side of things or being the Hollywoodised interpretation of making love. But it features a big dose of reality as well as the completely bizarre (including a 'comedic' interpretation of beastiality #notafan) with the majority of contestants featured being type of people you'd see on an everyday basis with their love-making skills to match (#awkwardsex).

There were regular laugh out loud moments mixed in the audience which is always a good sign with a good healthy dose of uncomfortable squirming. It's worth seeing if you're into quirky films, and I'm pretty sure this would be unlike anything you've seen before.

To give you a bit of context into my taste, I do have a weird interest into niches and subcultures which could explain my fascination with cosplay despite having very limited knowledge and no desire whatsoever to take part and my (non-romantical) curiosity with Bronies (adult men who love My Little Pony) #dontjudgeme. So this film easily ticks the niche factor on my non-sexy checklist for movies.

Just a warning, this is probably NOT the type of movie that you would want to see with your family, an acquaintance or a first date.

Running time: Approximately 80 minutes

I won tickets to attend the world premiere of Air Sex: The Movie

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